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Psychiatric Disorders Due to Eating Disorders

There are more and more teenagers who suffer from eating disorders and it seems that once this disorder appears, at least one psychiatric condition appears as well. Teenage girls are the ones which are more affected by these conditions and the main cause seems to be peer pressure.

Eating Disorders More Common in 18-year-old Girls

There are 5 types of severe eating disorders and among these 5, three are in the top of the most serious problems teenage girls can deal with. These three eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating.

All these types of disorders affect teenage girls all over the world, but most cases have been reported in the United States of America, where peer pressure seems to be affecting more and more teenagers.

The most common case of eating disorder seems to be bulimia, which affects most teenage girls, followed by anorexia and then, on the third place is binge-eating. The thing with these eating disorders is that they do not affect only the body, but they can also affect the mind of these teenage girls.

Psychiatric Disorders Due to Eating Disorders

Psychiatric Disorders Due to Eating Disorders

And the worst thing is that most girls who suffer from bulimia think more and more about committing suicide. Therefore, the results of the studies made on the issue say the same things – eating disorders can trigger psychiatric problems.

Peer Pressure May Be the Main Cause

Most teenage girls are going through some serious problems, especially during this period, when everything is changing – their bodies, their minds and their friends. For most 18-year-old girls one of the most important things is looking like those magazine models and when they learn that they are not that way, they begin to be affected by these terrible conditions.

The worst thing is that their peers are not at all understanding and this leads to even more serious problems. Teenagers who want to be part of a group must be fit from all points of view, as the group requires them to be and once they understand they are not fit, they go through such problems.

The most worrying thing is the fact that there are so many teenage girls who suffer from eating disorders and given that they trigger psychiatric conditions as well, girls are at a risk of doing irreversible things and the saddest thing is that most parents do not even seem to notice changes that happen in their daughter’s life.

That is why most girls do not have a sense of reality – there is no one there to teach them that the body shape and size is not the most important thing in life; there needs to be someone there to let them know how beautiful they are.

Without these things, any eating disorder can lead to serious problems and in some cases, to death and no parent wants to see their children buried.

Therefore, any parent who witnesses some changes in their children’s eating habits or behaviors should take a stand and should find out what triggers these changes. There might be some serious problems they would have to deal with.

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