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Problems with the Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a condition which affects a lot of women and it is characterized by skeletal abnormalities, extra skin found on the neck or swelling of the arms and legs. Most women who suffer from the Turner syndrome are usually a lot shorter than they should be and they are more often than not unable to bear a child.

The condition is quite rare, only happening in 1 in 2,500 females world-wide and it usually appears in women who have been born before their term.

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of the Turner Syndrome?

Girls who suffer from this condition are shorter than they should normally be. Although in the first years of life they can be of a normal height, once puberty hits, there can be seen some abnormalities in what concerns the height.

Also, Turner syndrome girls do not have the normal growth spurt girls have once they hit puberty. Another symptom of the Turner syndromes is related to the ovaries, which are non-functional. Although most girls produce sexual hormones at puberty, girls suffering with this condition do not produce them.

The thing is that women who suffer from Turner syndrome have normal wombs and vaginas, but they are unable to bear children. Another symptom is related to ear infections, which are extremely common in girls who suffer from the condition, which can lead to hearing loss in many cases.

It is said that women suffering from this condition have normal intelligence and they are able to read, write and speak normally.

There are cases, however, when women have troubles with math, memory and finger movement. Older women suffering from Turner syndrome, who are also overweight, are more at risk of developing diabetes later in life.

Can Turner Syndrome Be Treated?

Turner syndrome is something women have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Treatments, however, are possible for more than one symptom of the condition. For instance, in what concerns the height, there are some hormonal injections which can be administrated in early childhood and which can result in the increase in height of a woman by a few inches.

Treatments with estrogen and progesterone are administrated to girls who need to start developing their breast and have their menstrual cycle. These two are extremely important, especially for the health of the wombs.

Therefore, hormonal therapy should start quite early in a life of a woman and it needs to keep going to keep the womb and the ovaries healthy, although a woman suffering from Turner syndrome cannot bear children.

Another thing women suffering from Turner syndrome need to keep under control is their blood pressure, which is usually higher than normal. Routine check-ups and proper medication has been shown to improve the quality of life for the Turner syndrome patients.

Treatment and medication have been proven to increase the quality of life for Turner syndrome patients and women can lead a full, normal life.

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