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Prevent Hair Loss With Natural Products

Hair loss is more common than you might think. If you suffer of it, then you should go to your doctor. In the majority of the cases a doctor will tell you to take a prescription drug, or Rogaine, which in most of cases is not enough.

There are various reasons why hair loss occurs, and also, there are various treatments for it.

Hair Loss Can Occur Because of Stress

For example, it might be a heredity problem, or it might be triggered by a hormonal imbalance, or too much stress, starving yourself, and so on. In most of the cases hair loss is triggered by lack of nutrients in the body. As a result, a better nutrition might be all you need.

However, this does not mean that if you eat right and take vitamins the hair loss will completely stop. Having a healthy diet is useful in most of the cases. It is important to take care of any deficiency you might have in the body, as it could stop this problem.

You could take iron, zinc, lysine, biotin, and vitamin B-12 supplements. However before you start taking these supplements you should consult your doctor first. Getting too much of a certain vitamin might lead to problems as well, so be careful. Iron can be helpful in case you are anemic.

It has been proven that anemia leads to hair loss, and iron can take care of this problem. Celiac disease can also lead to hair loss, but luckily this disease can be fixed with a gluten-free diet.

It is advisable to take your supplements from your diet instead of supplements. Protein is very important. You can obtain it from lean meat, low-fat dairy, and beans or soy. Iron can be obtained from red meat, egg yolks, darky leafy greens such as spinach, and beans. Zinc can be obtained from certain cereals, poultry, and red meat. Read meat can also supply lots of B vitamins. Fatty acids can be obtained from fish and from avocado. These acids, even though high in fat, are very useful for the body.

Herbs and Relaxation Can Help

You can also use the aid of certain herbs, such as stinging nettle to take care of your hair loss problem, as it can strengthen it. Before you start using herbs for your hair, talk to a practitioner first.

In the Eastern medicine, the quality of the hair is related to the quality of the blood. They believe that taking care of your blood will solve your hair problems as well. As a result, they recommend strengthening the important organs such as kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Arame, wakame, and other seaweeds might be able to take care of the job.

Do not take these supplements and vitamins before you are 100 percent certain that they are healthy for you. Some people have allergy to them, others have certain conditions which prevent them from taking the supplements.

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