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Pregnancy: 11 Myths and Realities

Once you announce you are pregnant, almost everyone around you will turn “omniscient” and will rush to give you advices about what to do or not during pregnancy.These pregnancy myths are not helping you at all.

Of course, some tips will be really useful still, one thing is certain: Much of the information and tips that you get in this period are myths or half truths.

Today, our specialists from will review some of these myths and facts about pregnancy.

First of all you should know that for your safety and the child’s, it is always better to consult the doctor that follows your task regarding any advice you are given and, in general, any problems or queries that you knead.

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So here’s a list of the most common “benevolent advices,” or pregnancy myths which, after research, proved to be unfounded.

1. Do not exercise! Sport and movements are dangerous! FALSE

Dr.Ahmed Shams, professor in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Alexandria, USA, says:

“It turned out that, during pregnancy, moderate exercise and a few movements on a regular improve circulation, leading to better irrigation of the placenta . “

It is well known that exercises help maintain a good mood and physical form. However, it is NOT advisable to start a new sport at this time.

Do not forget to consult your doctor before starting any exercise program and start it only after you make sure you have a normal pregnancy. Pick an easy, comfortable pace and decreases when you feel necessary.

2. Swimming is dangerous! FALSE

This is one of the biggest pregnancy myth. Swim! Swimming, walking and yoga (prenatal) are in the top list of favorite exercises and recommended during pregnancy.

Swimming is beneficial by stimulating the entire body and is considered a “safe sport” also because the water will make you feel more “easy.” Also, the risk of injury (falls, blows) is much smaller.

Dr.Shams adds:

“As long as the pool is disinfected with the recommended chlorine concentration, swimming in the pool will not raise any problems to a pregnant woman or a fetus. However, avoid swimming in a crowded pool where you could be hit in the abdomen by other swimmers, or in the sea, if there is a danger to be hit by rocks”

3. High intake of fluids leads to water retention in your body! FALSE

On the contrary, drink plenty of water! Its consumption decreases the possibility of water retention, avoids constipation and helps clean the kidneys.

Pregnancy vitamins
4. Hot baths are dangerous! TRUE

If the water is too hot, it will dilate your blood vessels, leading to decreased blood pressure. The water temperature should always be right.

5. You must eat for two! FALSE

You should not eat for two, as the myth suggests. You will only earn more pounds that will disappear hard after birth. It’s normal for your appetite to be slightly higher due to changed metabolism, but you should not over-fed believing your child will be higher and healthier after the birth. Pregnancy is magical, but this is not a fairy tale..

Remember, the quality of food consumed is important, not the quantity. So eat all you want, without making any excesses and avoid fat foods in favor of healthy ones .

6. Coffee is not recommended during pregnancy. YES AND NO

This myth is still “negotiating”. That is because we have a large number of factors such as type of coffee, coffee cup size, the amount of coffee consumed per day or the amount of caffeine present in coffee.

Researchers could not prove that coffee is dangerous while drank during pregnancy. It was concluded that a cup of coffee a day is not harmful. However, if you have doubts about this, strop drinking coffee during your pregnancy period.

7. Do not wear high heels! TRUE

Dr. Shams explains: “Wearing high heels pushes your body forward, which changes the line of gravity of the whole body, to forward. This, together with increased body weight and a bigger uterus will push the spine, which can lead to serious injury of it. Also, by wearing high heels, you increase the risk of falling, due to instability. ”

8. Smoking is harmful. TRUE

It turned out that the toxins pass through the placenta and severely affect the fetus. Miscarriage, pregnancies that stopped evolving, premature birth and low birth weight were associated with smoking. If your friend had no such problems at birth, caused by smoking, it does not mean that nobody can have. Do not risk while pregnant!

9 months later

9. If it’s bulging, it’s a boy! If it’s round, it girl! FALSE

The only way to find out if you are carrying a boy or a girl will be by using ultrasounds. So we advise you not to paint the room blue, just because your mother said that your belly is pointed and you have a boy!

10. Waxing your hair can cause contractions! FALSE

Dr.Shams says that this is not true. We also could not find anything related to this.

busted prenatal myths11. Hair coloring is harmful to the fetus! TRUE

Dr.Shams advises hair painting should be avoided at least the first four months of pregnancy. It was noted that small amounts of paint can be absorbed through the scalp and excreted in the urine, making it possible to pass thru your placenta.

As in other cases you have doubts, it is better to avoid dying your hair during pregnancy or at least the first four months.

There you have it, Pregnancy: 11 Myths and Realities. If you have enjoyed this article, please also read our newest article:

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