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What You Should Know About Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are quite common among people all over the world but there is something that has not been known by now and that is the fact that panic attacks tell people they are coming.

The only thing is that we cannot tell from the signs that we are going to have a panic attack. There has been made a study on the issue and according to the researchers involved it seems that a panic attack never strikes without warning and that people should be aware of the signs and prepare for what is to come.

Panic Attacks Show Signs at Least 60 Minutes Before They Happen

The researchers involved in this new study said that they recruited some people who had a history of panic attacks and they made them wear some recorders around, to check whether these attacks could be predicted. And it seems that they can.

All the people involved in the study had to wear a portable recorder on them for a period of 24 hours and from what the scientists said, it seems that about 60 minutes before the panic attack struck, there were some signs which should have warned people and should have prepared them for the attack.

What You Should Know About Panic Attacks

What You Should Know About Panic Attacks

Although the signs were quite clear and obvious, the researchers stated that there were plenty people who did not realize they were going to have a panic attack and that, when it came, it took them by surprise.

Although the panic attacks can be both predictable and unpredictable, they both send signals to the body that they are on their way and this is why researchers were so amazed to see that even though the body was trying to let the brain know it was going to happen something, the brain refused to listen and this is how people were taken by surprise by the panic attacks again and again.

The Signs Which Should Prepare You for a Panic Attack

The most common signs of panic attacks are both physical and psychological. For instance, the body starts to give signs to the brain when the panic attack is coming by creating a sensation of chest pain, nausea, hot flashes and even shortness of brain.

On the psychological level, however, there is always the fear of dying and of losing control, even when the panic attack is not there yet. Therefore, both the scientists and the patients were amazed to find out that there are numerous people who simply cannot tell they are going to have such an attack, even though the signs are present.

Another thing discovered by the researchers is that about an hour before the panic attack, people’s levels of CO2 were higher and they started hyperventilating.

This was quite a big discovery, as throughout time it has been thought that the actual cause of a panic attack was the high levels of CO2, which gave people the impression they could no long breathe properly and therefore, the panic attack was triggered.

The study comes in as very surprising, but hopefully, people who have a history of such attacks will be able to control them better now that they know the signs of panic attacks.

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