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Paget’s Disease – The Cancer of the Nipples

Paget’s disease of the nipple, also known as Paget’s disease of the breast is a very common form of cancer of the breast, which can be found around the nipple. Although most women who suffer from Paget’s disease of the nipple also have to deal with one or another form of breast cancer, this condition usually accounts for only 5 percent of all known forms of breast cancer.

It seems that there have been found forms of this type of cancer in young women, around the age of 20. Although there have been found forms of the cancer, it is very rare.

What Are the Symptoms of Paget’s Disease?

More often than not, the symptoms associated with Paget’s diseases are not too serious and they include mild flaking and redness of the nipple or a mild irritation, which usually are not taken too seriously and women take their time before going to the doctor’s.

The worst part is that the symptoms can vanish, but women should not think that the disease has simply gone away. Everyone who experiences these sorts of symptoms should present to the doctor and have some exams.

Usually, advanced forms of the disease have signs such as itching, tingling and increase sensitivity around the nipple. Other symptoms are related to the flatness of the nipple and some sort of discharge which comes out.

In most cases of Paget’s disease found in women, there are also some lumps which can be felt. Also, even though it is extremely rare, Paget’s disease can be found in both nipple, not only in one of them.

How is Paget’s Disease Treated?

Given that the condition may differ from woman to woman, the treatment depends on the characteristics of the underlying breast cancer. The most common form of treatment for this type of cancer is surgery. When there the patient has been diagnosed with invasive cancer, there might be a need for a mastectomy, as well.

In patients who only have the cancer around their nipple, a simple lumpectomy, followed by radiation therapy will be necessary. In what concerns the treatment, following the surgery, most patients seem to be prescribed adjuvant medicine, including anti-cancer drugs and hormone therapies.

The Paget’s disease of the nipple is a condition which is quite rare, but that does not mean it cannot develop in young women. Whenever a woman has to deal with the symptoms already mentioned, she should most definitely check in with her doctor and be screened and tested, so as to be able to proceed on the disease as soon as possible.

There are several tests which should be done to determine the type of cancer a woman is dealing with and taking everything into account, the doctor will be able to determine what type of surgery or treatment is needed.

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