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Onion Helps You Hear Better!

Did you knew Onion Helps You Hear Better? When we talk about our ears, the most frequent problems appear at the middle ear. They are generally caused by infections of the nose or mouth. However, if your ears hurt, try first a natural treatment.

The symptoms that should worry you are represented by: pulsating with pain, the sensation of  “full” ears, clinking sounds, viscous secretion or fever. If the infection affects the external ear, then the person will feel a sharp pain similar to a heartburn. Sometimes, there appears the sensation of a foreign body in the ear. In case the infection is accompanied by pain, fever and pressure in the ear, the advice of a doctor.
will be necessary.

caramelized onions

Red onions

If you do not need to take an antibiotic, based on medical advice, then you can try some natural treatments, depending on your condition.
If the pain of the ear is the result of sitting in cold weather all day long and is manifested by chills, fever, restlessness and great thirst, then you should use Aconitum.

If the pain is sharp, accompanied by fever, sweating and ear pressure, use mandrake. When the pain is felt also in the teeth area, it is recommended to utilize chamomile tea. If you are trying to deal with an inflammation of the ears, chop two onions, put them in two small cotton bags (which must be heated for several minutes in the microwave) and apply them on your ears.

Moreover, to unclog the sinuses, crush two or three onions and boil them (without peeling) in two liters of water. After 15 minutes take a large towel and try to make a steam inhalation. It is recommended that this procedure to be used in the evening, before going to bed, as it isn’t good to get out of the house, especially if the weather is cold.

You can also treat your ear infections with onion and olive oil: fry the chopped onions in a small quantity of olive oil and after cooling put a few drops of this mixture in the ear. The pain will disappear and the treated area will be disinfected.

If the infection affected also your throat, you can make a decoction of onion as follows: boil one tablespoon of finely chopped onion in 200 ml of water for 10 minutes. Strain the resulting tea and drink it while it is still hot, with small sips. The tea can be sweetened with a teaspoon of honey.

Drink one or two cups per day. The taste is not very pleasant, but the results are miraculous. To stop bleeding, soak a cotton ball in onion juice, insert it into the nostril and lay back your head. After a few minutes the bleeding is going to stop.

Mouth ulcers can be also treated through a regular consumption of raw, fresh, uncooked onion. Its strong smell and taste can be eliminated by chewing a coffee bean after eating the onion.

However, if the pain and symptoms persist after applying these natural treatments, then you should consult a doctor. Furthermore, you should always protect your ears during winter, wear hats and never go out with your hair being wet.

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