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Olive oil, pure health

Olive oil is obtained from olive tree fruits harvested from November to December.

The quality of olive oil is strongly influenced by the nature of the land on which shrubs grow, degree of maturation of the fruit, the method of their collection and method used for extraction.

Make sure to always chose extra virgin olive oil, even if the price is bigger than the regular one.

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil may also be considered a spice because of its taste and aroma. It also has a high digestibility and sometimes used as a easy laxative.

olive oil cans

It is also a food – medicine

The ancient Greeks considered olive oil a key to longevity and mental health.

Consumed with moderation, extra virgin olive oil may have the following effects on health, treating different diseases:

• preventing ateroamelor (deposit of cholesterol and clogging of arteries) and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and its effects;

• improves blood pressure at hypertensive patients;

• improves dysfunction caused by diabetes;

• improves cognitive activity;

• enhance the effects of neurological diseases (depression) and neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s);

• Is a food with a strong anthelmintic effect, indicated for children and people with debilitating and a weakened immune system;

• is a gentle laxative, useful in states of constipation;

• mitigate the effects of toxic mushroom poisoning;

• colecistokinetic effect, draining the gall bladder lazy;

•improves gastric ulcer;

• contains polyphenolic antioxidants and tocopherols (vitamin E) extremely useful in preventing the annihilation of free radical oxidative stress (ROS).

• preventing breast cancer by inhibiting certain genes responsible for disease emergence;

• natural analgesic effect, alleviating pain;

• can be used externally for massage, hair loss and gout

Prevents the emergence of systemic proinflammatory status that evolves amid chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological – neurodegenerative, cancer).

It also has a geriatric life-prolonging effect, causing a `healthy look` by slowing the appearance of wrinkles and dull skin.


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