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Natural Treatments Against Nausea

Each person has experienced nausea at least once in his lifetime. In the majority of the cases we experience it because of something we just ate, but there are cases when it is the result of a more serious condition.

In the majority of the cases throwing up will make you feel better, but if it doesn’t, it might be something more severe and in that case you should see your doctor. The reason why we experience nausea is because it is triggered by a region in the brain. However, there are many cases when we do not throw up even if we experience nausea.

Ginger or Devil’s Tongue Jelly Should Do the Trick

There are various remedies you can try in order to eliminate nausea. Ginger is one of the best remedies you can try, as it has the ability of eliminating stomach discomfort. You need to insert the ginger into hot water for ten minutes, and then you drink the result.

Another great remedy for nausea is the Devil’s tongue jelly, also known by the name of Konnyaku. When you experience nausea you need to heat the jelly, and then apply it on your stomach. Lay still on your back with the jelly applied on your stomach. After 15 or 20 minutes you should feel better.

Sometimes, one of the best solutions is to eat simple foods, such as crackers for example. They can calm the stomach, as they are very easy to digest. In case you vomited, then you should wait an hour until you eat.

In case you feel sick because you drank too much last night, you can try some miso soup. It is a fermented soy paste, which can be easily found in many Asian markets and in food stores.

People have been using it for a very long time to stop the bad side effects of hangovers. It is said that miso soup has the potential of restoring the electrolytes levels in your body, and of eliminating the bad substances. You can add ginger in the soup if you want to feel even better.

Try Acupressure to get Rid of Nausea

Acupressure can be a surprising method of fighting against nausea. Acupressure is pretty easy to master. You need to lift your left hand up with the palm facing upwards. Then with the thumb of the right hand, you need to apply pressure on the left hand, near the region where you would take the pulse, but near the middle of the wrist. Apply pressure with the thumb while you take deep breaths for 2 minutes. Then you need to change hands, and repeat the process. Try it, it works.

In case you have morning sickness, then raspberries seem to be effective. Eat a small portion of raspberries in the morning, and they should make you feel better.

There are also raspberries preps you can buy which will help you with your condition. It is advisable to eat fruits, vegetables, or whole grains when you experience nausea.

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