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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

Sweating is a good thing for the body, because the process eliminates toxins. However, there are people who sweat in excess, even when they are not engaged in physical exercising. That is not healthy, and it might indicate a condition. Since the skin is the largest organ of our body, it is the first which signals a problem. It is advisable to consult your doctor if you sweat too much, as you might have a glandular problem.

Poor Diet and Stress Can Cause Bad Body Odor

However, there are natural solutions for this problem as well. You can try some of them, and see if they work for you. One of the possible reasons for excessive sweating and bad body odor might be a very high consumption of dairy products and saturated fats.

If you consume these products in high amounts, you should replace the fat with olive oil, and the milk with soy milk. Dark green leafy greens have the possibility of fighting against body odor. The reason for that is the fact that they contain chlorophyll, which is a natural deodorizer.

Some people who have this problem, do not have enough zinc in their bodies. The solution is simple for these people: eat more foods which contain high amounts of zinc.

The best such foods are brown rice, oatmeal, barley, ground flaxseed, and rye. Zinc supplements are also okay, as they are not harmful for the body. Stress can be a huge factor when it comes to body odor. The more stressed we are, the higher the chances for us to sweat.

Meditation might help us be more relaxed, and as a result, the odds of sweating are reduced. Take some time off for yourself, and you should be better.

Apple cider vitamin could also help you with this problem. However, be careful how you drink it; you should mix two tablespoons of vinegar with eight ounces of water, three times per day.

Vinegar can change the ph. balance of your skin, which can thus eliminate body odor. This will improve your digestion, which should improve the condition.

Try Parsley, Essential Oils, and Relaxation

Parsley, which is used by many people as a breath freshener, can also be used to take care of body odor. Parsley can be combined with the meal, or you can add it in a cup of water. The mixture can be drunk two times per day for maximum efficiency.

Essential oils can also be used as weapon against body odor. Before you apply peppermint or lavender on your skin, make sure that you are not allergic to them. You can also take baths with lavender oils, and try to relax while you are in the bathtub.

Spiritual practice might also be beneficial, as many people use this method to solve many of their problems. Spiritual practice might make you more relaxed, which reduces stress levels, which leads to an improved body odor.

Try these methods, and see which one works in your case.

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