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Try These Natural Cures for Dry Skin

Winter can be a big problem for the skin, because the lower temperatures can make it dry. Even so, you can make various changes and use certain products to eliminate the skin dryness.

Olive oil is one of the best oils you can use when you cook food. However, olive oil has other uses as well, as it is also excellent for the skin.

It does wonders on the elbows and hands, it is excellent at removing makeup, and it can eliminate the itchy dry skin. Experts stated that we can use olive oil when the skin feels very dry.

We can apply it under the moisturizer, and thus the skin will benefit from more fatty acids and antioxidants.

Use Some of These Natural Products

Many of the products you can use in order to take care of the skin are natural, and can be found in your very own kitchen. One of the best such products is yogurt, especially the Greek one.

The plain yogurt acts as an exfoliator as it prevents your skin from getting dry, and it makes you feel refreshed. Yogurt is very safe for the skin, even if the skin is dry, as it does not exfoliate it with the aid of scrubbing granules, but with the aid of lactic acid. You could apply yogurt and papaya face masks.

You need to mix ½ cup of yogurt with 3 spoons of mashed-up papaya. You could also make a face mask from pumpkin and cinnamon powder. Another option would be to mix strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries with kefir. Keep the mask up to 15 minutes.Try These Natural Cures for Dry Skin

Another solution for dry skin is to mix sugar with oil, any type of oil you have in the kitchen. You can also mix brown sugar instead of white sugar if you like.

Once the mixture is complete, you need to rub in the result using circular motions. If you want to add extra minerals and vitamins to the combination, you can add honey in the composition. Lemon juice will increase its vitamin content as well, so add it if you like.

Use Natural Products for Your Hair and Lips as Well

If your lips or heels are cracked, and your elbows are rough, you can apply honey on them. Apply it before you go to sleep, and they should be better when you wake up. You can take care of your dry hair as well using natural products.

You can add a tablespoon of egg yolk to your shampoo, and the combination should be able to take care of your itchy scalp. Egg yolks applied to the hair do wonders, as they can prevent the hair loss by strengthening the scalp.

In order to take care of your skin in a natural manner, you can consume a diet very rich in vitamin C, magnesium, and essential fatty acids. These elements will make your skin stronger, and it prevent dryness. Dark chocolate, carrots, fatty fish are also excellent for the skin.

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