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Nap To Regain Energy

There are cases when we are extremely busy, and we struggle to fit all the activities in our schedule. You might work, take care of children, cook, clean, and do other things besides these ones.

Because of this, you might not get as much sleep as you need, which makes you tired, moody, and irritable. You lack energy when you need it the most. In order to gain energy, you might rely on energy drinks, coffee, and other similar drinks.

Nap to Regain Energy, Alertness, and Decision Making Skills

Sometimes it is much better to forget about coffee and energy drinks, and rely on a different thing: power napping. According to various sleep experts, a good nap might be the best thing to regain your energy.

The most important thing is the fact that you do not need to waste too much time, especially if you have a busy schedule. In case you want to regain energy, all you need is 20 minutes or so of sleep.

If your sleep for 15 or 20 minutes your brain and the body will be rested, the “system” will be reset and you will be able to perform much better. This is all you need in order to regain energy during the day.

The type of nap you get is influential when it comes to the benefits you receive. For example, a nap of 20 minutes, or the stage 2 nap as it is also called, will improve your motor learning skills and alertness.

You can also nap for more than 20 minutes, if you have the time. According to the experts, a longer nap will enhance your memory and creativity. In case you sleep, or nap for 60 minutes, your decision making skills will be greatly improved.

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Why is a nap good

Of course, the most beneficial sleep is the one which allows you to enter the REM state. However, in order to reach REM, you will need to sleep for at least 90 minutes. A REM sleep will allow you to solve creative problems much easier.

Try These Tricks If You Want to Nap

Sleep experts have stated that a nap is much better than a cup of coffee. The reason for that is the fact that caffeine decreases memory performance. You will feel full of energy, but you will have higher chances of making mistakes.

Even if you consume coffee, do not rely too much on it, as it has certain side effects, such as making you crash after a certain period of time. In case you want to nap, but you can’t, there are certain things you should do.

It is important to be regular, and to have a nap schedule. For example, you can nap each day at 5 PM. You should not sleep, because if you do, you might wake up groggy.

Because of this, you should set the alarm to 30 minutes or less. Make sure that the room is dark, or that you use an eye mask. Darkness will allow you to fall asleep faster. When you sleep your body temperature drops, so make sure to keep a blanket close. Happy napping!

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