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Most Vulnerable Jobs to Infections

Believe it or not, a computer keyboard has 67 times more bacteria than a toilet lid, and a phone in a normal office has about 25,000 microbes on a surface of only 2.5 inches. gives you a ranking of the jobs most exposed to infection with various viruses.

According to the publication “South Source” by the South University of USA, office phones have more than 25,000 germs on a surface of 2.5 cm and the tap of a water dispenser can accommodate up to 2.7 million bacteria on the same surface.

An alternative to using the water dispenser at work is bringing a bottle of water from home.

Still, how many of us choose to do so?

Computer keyboards have more than 67 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Most dangerous are the keyboards of computers that are used by more employees.

Experts recommend regular disinfecting your keyboard using sanitary wipes.

You should also consider the bacteria you’ll find on toilets at work, as the E. coli bacteria and faecal toxins are often found on almost any surface in the toilet, including doors or valves.

We recommend using paper towels to open and close valves, and the door.

Now, we don’t expect to turn you into a health freak, but please be advised to think twice, every time you touch something.

Here are The Most Vulnerable Jobs to viruses and bacterial infections:


Teachers have six times more germs around them than accountants, who were ranked on #2 in our “dirty” profession top.

One of the easiest ways for a teacher to “collect” microbes from students is through written tests, which professors have to correct.

Therefore, our Top Tip to teachers is: Stop giving tests, and you will live a long healthy life!

jobs exposed to most bacteriaBank staff

Officials of the banks, especially those working on cashiers stations, have one of the most germ-filled jobs.

People who spend more time at a desk are most likely to use it for eating, which increases the number of bacteria on it, and the food you ingest.

The experts found that women generally “store” more food on a desk and therefore their working places have more germs.

Computer Troubleshooter

If keyboards contain a large number of bacteria, it was expected that people who repair computers to be placed among employees threatened to most germs.

This domain is filled with bacteria: your mouse and even the central computer unit are also sources of infection. Wash you hands often and also clean your gear daily.

list of the worst germsDoctor or nurse

Viruses and bacteria are a constant threat not only for patients but also for medical staff. One of the most dangerous infections can be caused by gram-negative bacillus.

Lab Workers

Professionals who have this job work directly with pathogens, and the rules of hygiene are essential to them.


Law People have to come into contact with many others and enter into various environments. For this same reasons, paramedics and firefighters are also exposed to numerous infections.

Among the top ten jobs with high risk of infection we also include those of a janitor or plumber, the sanitation worker and the butcher.

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