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Easy: How to Manage Cellulitis

Cellulitis is an infection of the tissues below the skin surface, and of the skin. It usually affects the deeper layers, whereas erysipelas, which is also considered cellulitis, affects the surface nearer to the skin.

Cellulitis can occur very easily. The skin has the purpose of protecting the body against infection, and when there is a cut in the skin, bacteria can easily get in. This means that cellulitis can occur if we have a cut in the skin.

Bacteria; The Main Cause of Cellulitis

We have bacteria which live on our skin, without causing any problems. However, when we are cut, those bacteria enter the body and start to do damage. There are different types of bacteria which can cause cellulitis.

There are cases when cellulitis develops for no apparent reason. Anyone can get affected by cellulitis, but there are certain things which can increase the odds of developing it. Overweight or obese people have higher chances of having cellulitis.

The ones who have skin cuts and athlete’s foots have higher chances as well. Eczema, diabetes, and a poor immune system could lead to the appearance and development of cellulitis as well.

Usually cellulitis develops in the lower part of the leg, but any area of the skin can be affected by it. The affected portion of the skin may look swollen, feel warm and look red.

The area is usually tender, and blisters could develop. The surrounding glands could become tender as well, and the reason for that is because they try to stop the infection. Some people also develop fever because of cellulitis and feel unwell.

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The best treatment options for cellulitis

In the case of erysipelas, the legs and the face are usually affected, and if it attacks the face, the cheeks and the nasal passages could suffer as well. There are various treatment methods for cellulitis.

Antibiotics are very useful, because they will manage to clear it. Usually, you will need to follow a course of at least seven days, and the symptoms should ease as soon as you start taking them.

In case the infected area continues to spread even after the antibiotics, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. Some bacteria are resistant to certain antibiotics, and a change of antibiotics might be required.

In case regular antibiotics are not effective, intravenous antibiotics might be required.

These work much faster and much more efficiently than the regular ones.

Another great treatment method is the elevation. It is very useful if you raise the affected body part, because that prevents swelling, and it eases the pain.

You should do so as much as you can, preferably until the infection goes away. In case you have cellulitis of the leg, then you should keep your leg elevated above the hip level.

You can stay in bed and put two or three cushions under the affected leg. That should take care of the problem. In case the hand is affected, a high sling will take care of the deal.

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