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Male Baldness Pattern Cures

Male pattern baldness affects around 50 percent of the men over the age of 50. It can occur at earlier ages as well. In the majority of the cases, men do not want any treatment, which could prevent the hair loss, and in some cases cause regrowth.

Even Young Men Could Develop Baldness

Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss which develops in men regardless of the age. Once it started it, it takes around 20 years to completely go bald, but there are cases when complete baldness occurs in less than 5 years.

Usually, the first place where the hair begins to thin is the front of the head, then on the top of the head. In the middle of the scalp, a bald patch develops in time. In time, the baldness from the front of the head will join the one from the top of the head, hair being present only on the back and side of the head.

Nearly all men start to develop baldness by the time they are 60 years old. The age at which the baldness starts varies. In some cases it starts at 50, in others at 30, in some at 20.

Women could develop baldness as well, but that usually happens after menopause, and it is pretty rare. Hair is made in tiny pouches under the skin surface on the head, which are called hair follicles. Usually, a hair grows from each of those pouches for 3 years, after which a new hair will grow from the same follicle.

Balding occurs when the affected hair follicles start to become reduced in size. After the follicle is reduced in size, the new hair gets thinner and thinner. In time, the hair will grow for less time, than those 3 years which is the normal period.

Male Baldness Pattern Cures

Male Baldness Pattern Cures

Male Hormones Influential to Baldness

The male hormones are also influential when it comes to balding. The hair follicles convert the testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

The affected hair follicles become too sensitive to this hormone, and they shrink because of it. Different hair follicles are affected by it at different times. Balding is genetic, and so far, it is unknown why only the scalp hair is affected by it.

It has been discovered that male pattern baldness could increase the odds of developing heart disease, but the reason for that is unknown. Women who suffer of baldness have even higher chances than men to develop a heart disease.

There are certain treatments for balding, but in the majority of the cases, men do not take them because it is a natural side effect of ageing. Some people who start to go bald early in life might take treatment, in the form of medication, and scalp surgery.

There are various scalp surgeries, such as scalp flaps, hair transplant, which have been very popular in the past years. The main problem with these surgeries is the fact that they are very expensive.

In case people are very bothered about their baldness they could also buy a wig.

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