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Infertility Problems Solved By Diabetes Drug

Researchers have recently discovered that the proper age of treating possible infertility in women, is 8. It might seem strange, because infertility is probably the last thing an 8 year old girl is thinking about at that age.

A new study revealed the fact that an 8 year old girl who suffered who showed signs of infertility, was treated with metformin, which is a diabetes drug. The little girl received the drug for 4 years, and over the course of time, the researchers observed that she showed less signs of developing the condition which would make her infertile later in life.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Main Cause of Infertility

The main cause of infertility in the world is called polycystic ovary syndrome. Girls of such young age do not show the signs of the condition, but according to the researchers, girls have the precursors in the body, despite of the age.

Dr. Lourdes Ibáñez from the University of Barcelona, the leader of the study, stated that he and his team chose a group of girls which were in the risk of developing the condition later in life, and treated them for the condition. They used the drug in order to prevent the condition, instead of using it to cure the condition.

The researchers have stated that girls who were born with a lower weight than it is normal, and who develop pubic hair sooner than other girls, have the highest chances of developing polycystic ovary syndrome. Dr. Ibáñez chose 38 girls who fitted the pattern.

The researchers have stated that the girls who took the drug for a longer period of time, had 8 times less chances of developing the condition later in life. The researchers stated that they want to follow their patients for ten years, in order to see if they were right.

Too Much Insulin Can Cause Infertility

The researchers stated that the condition starts developing at a very early age, even though the signs of the condition can be seen after puberty. It seems that the main reason why the condition appears is because of too much insulin in the body.

The insulin affects the ovaries, interfering with the hormone production. Because of that, the ovaries create too many male hormones, and thus, PCOS occurs. Metformin has the purpose of treating insulin imbalances in the body. As already mentioned, the insulin imbalance leads to PCOS. Because of this, the researchers wanted to see if they can take care of the condition with the aid of diabetes drugs.

They hoped that the girls will be able to have their problems solved with the aid of these drugs. The same diabetes drug is given to women who have troubles having a baby.

However, it seems that the drug is much better when it is used in little girls. It is better if the drug is used as a prevention method, instead of a treatment one. The researchers will need to do more research in order to see if the drug is really effective for infertility.

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