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How to Prevent and Treat a Back Pain

I sense you have a back pain that is killing you. If you prevent, then you will not have to heal! 90% of people are experiencing back problems.

Do you know How to Prevent and Treat a Back Pain?

Of course you don’t. That is why you are here right? Well, most of the times, back problems and caused by lack of exercise, bad diet and overuse of the spine. I am sure your back pain came from the lack of exercise thow.

Our back is also getting old as years go by. That’s why it is very important not to neglect it and try to maintain it as much as possible.

Here are 10 tips for your back pain.

Try to keep it healthy:

1. Be careful while lifting and moving heavy objects

These actions greatly affect your back. Physical overload forces your spine and cause back pains. Keep your back straight when you must make such an effort, even if it is necessary to bend your knees. Try to plan your work so you do not get your body tired more than necessary.

Remember: if you must move heavy objects it is recommended to push them, not pull / lift them. The correct position is the one that doesn’t make you lean.

back pain treatment

How to treat a back pain

2. Do not neglect FEEDING!

A proper diet prevents arthritis and gout, by stabilizing the uric acid level. Be careful to include in your menu: lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and cereal-based foods. Try and eat less: fatty meat, alcohol, sugar, oil and refined white flour foods.

Drink at least 2 liters of liquids per day and your bones will be grateful.

3. Control your WEIGHT!

Each kilogram over your normal weight is a extra kilogram too much for your back. Ligaments, tendons and bones are unnecessary hampered and your muscles often remain untrained. Fat from the waist, buttocks or hips increase the pressure on the spine.

Try not to exceed by more than 5 kg the weight recommended for your height.

4. Exercise!

Go for a 20-minute bike ride, swim, dance or run at least once each week. Avoid sports like tennis or badminton, you can create a nuisance by making wrong moves.

5. A healthy sleep for a healthy back

Although each individual’s sleep needs vary widely, one thing remains true: during sleep the body relaxes and recovers its forces after the day’s efforts. While sleeping, ligaments become elastic and regenerate. Therefore, make sure to rest enough.

To keep you in shape, it is recommended to have 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

6. Your feet need FREEDOM!

And motion.That’s why you should be careful how you sit on a chair. It is recommended to change leg position as often as you can.

If you keep your knees up on something, your column will be less required.

7. AVOID high heels.

Even if these make you SO SEXY, high heels are poison for your back. The spine and back muscles are suffering from high heels.

As I bet you can not quit using them, you shout try and alternate high-heeled shoes with low shoes.

8. It is easier to carry small items using BOTH HANDS

Than a large object with both hands. If however you have to carry around a large object, then it is advisable to keep it as close to the body.

A more simple trick is to get married and your man will do this for you. 🙂

TIPS: How should you Treat a Back Pain?

That’s easy: With a inflammatory gel and gentle massage, after which you may apply cold compresses on your back. Again, ask your boyfriend or husband to take care of you.

If pain persists, however, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Specific diseases of the spine, if discovered in time, have much higher chances of cure.

1. Nicotine hampers blood circulation

Smokers are more prone to back problems than non-smokers, because nicotine makes your blood flow slower to the joints between your vertebrae.

2. Pomegranate Juice also fights cancer

The latest study made by the University of Wisconsin shows that pomegranates contain substances that help fight cancer, especially prostate cancer. Pomegranate juice is a more powerful antioxidant than red wine or green tea.

After lung cancer, the prostate cancer produces most of the victims. This is also good for back problems.

Dangerous Vegetables?

People with gout should stay away from some vegetables such as peas, spinach and red cabbage. They contain a large amount of purine, a substance in uric acid, that has negative effects.

These vegetables can be substituted for milk, cheese and eggs.

Now, is your back pain gone?

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