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How to Fight Autumn Asthenia

The first months of autumn come with chilly weather, rain, scarlet forests and the specific asthenia, marking the transition to a new season : fatigue, drowsiness, stress and headaches. We will try to give you answers to a few questions regarding ways of fighting the autumn asthenia.

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How to treat asthenia

Autumn Asthenia – What it represents?

The sadness present durring the cold days of fall can be more than a passing mood. In some cases, it signals the presence of asthenia. As the days become shorter, the immune systems seems to loose its strength, which makes us feel week and sad. The insomnia, depression, lack of concentration, the appetite fluctuations – all are the results of asthenia.

Usually, the symptoms of asthenia begin to appear in the first months of autumn and they may last untill the last days of winter.

Every person is liable to develop the autumn asthenia. However, this affection occurs frequently in the case of people living in areas where winter days are very short, among women and among people who have relatives who suffered from asthenia.

Which are the common symptoms?

The diagnosis of autumn asthenia can be considered correct only if you had the same symptoms for three seasons in a row and if your state of health has improved during the summer and spring months. The doctor can only ask you various questions about your health condition during the seasons and also aks you to undergo a blood test.

The common symptoms of asthenia are:

• Depression : apathy, underestimation, guilt, unhapiness;
• Anxiety: inability to cope with stressing situations;
• Frequent mood changes: abrupt transition from one mood to another;
• Sleep disorders: the desire of sleeping during the day;
• Lethargy: fatigue and inability to deal with daily activities;
• Social problems: irritability and the desire of issolation;
• Sexual problems: the absence of libido.

How can we prevent the appearance of asthenia?

Asthenia can be prevented by following some simple steps:

• Try to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors, even if it is a cloudy weather. The effect of natural light is very important for our mental health.
• Adopt a balanced diet that includes sufficient minerals and vitamins.
• Do at least 30 minutes of physical exercises every day.
• Keep in touch with your group of friends and do not give up the activities you usually do together.
• Consult a doctor.

Is an unhealthy diet responsible or mood disorders?

The correct answer is yes.
The first steps we need to make, regarding nutrition, are to learn to make the right choices when it comes to food, to get information about the products we usually consume from reliable sources, to bear in mind the importance of nutrition in our lives and how much we could help our organism by consuming the right products.

When the state of apathy or fatigue, specific to the autumn asthenia appears, this is a clear signal which tells us that our lifestyle is not the most convenient for our organism. In order to prevent these states, the specialists recommend us to consume large amounts of foods high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. In this way we will enter the cold season with a fortified immune system, which will help us face the cold and season diseases.

Thus, you should include in your daily diet lots of fruits and vegetables as: cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beet, pears, apples, quinces, pumpkin, nuts, grapes and natural supplements.

How can we treat asthenia?

As in the case of other forms of depression, the treatment for asthenia includes antidepressants and the cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Phototherapy (based on light) is another method of treating this affection. This type of therapy uses a special lamp that mimics the natural light. The results of this method are believed to appear within 3-4 weeks.

The cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you understand the phenomena associated with the asthenia and the ways you could cope with its symptoms.

Without using any treatment, the symptoms disappear along with the change of seasons. The treatment, in this case, only accelerates the evanescence of asthenia.

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