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How to Choose the Right Sunglasses

Eyes are irreplaceable. It is important for all people to protect their eyes and even against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. For this purpose they use sunglasses. However, how to choose the right sunglasses?

Experts advise us to take into account the color of the lenses, their type and degree of protection they offer. The lenses’ color should not only complement your skin color, but also protect the eyes against sunlight. Doctors always recommend wearing sunglasses especially in places where the sun is more present.


Why is it necessary to wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses can block UV rays, especially the UVB rays that are quite dangerous. UVB rays tend to damage the retina and cause burns to skin and eventually lead to cancer. Additionally, sunglasses contain a thin layer on the lens that does not disappear with time and have the capacity to stop the rays from reaching the eye.

Sunglasses are indispensable especially for those who practice some sports (swimming, hiking, volleyball, fishing, surfing, etc.) outdoor. It is recommended that the sunglasses are not forgotten by people performing different activities at high altitudes, where the sun’s rays are most harmful.

– Clarity of vision – Sunglasses stop the sun from getting in the eyes. Therefore, the vision is improved as long as it is not disturb by the sun. For example, when playing volleyball on the beach and stare at the sun your ability to see can be affected.

– Polarized sunglasses – Polarized lenses are different from the standard ones. A polarized lens has a special coating applied which is located between two thinner lenses. Polarized lenses are designed to reduce sunshine with a ten times greater efficiency than the one offered by normal sunglasses. Thus, the eyesight is improved and the objects’ shape and color is clearer. Polarized lenses are very useful in the mountains covered with snow because they reduce the glaring effect. This type of sunglasses is most useful for those who go fishing, drive, for runners, cyclists, and so on.

– Photochromatic lenses – These are lenses that automatically change colors according to the lighting conditions. Originally the photochromatic lenses were only available made from glass, but recently, after the development of technology, they may be available in polycarbonate plastic.

– Curved frame sunglasses – Curved frames are very popular in extreme sports. These glasses not only covers the eyes but also have some semi-plastic part covering part of the face and gives them the capacity to remain still on the face during sport activities, or when the people that wear them sweat.

– Color of lenses – There are many kinds of colors of sunglasses that have different characteristics. Thus, red-orange lenses can be worn at any level of light intensity, yellow lenses are indicated in case of low visibility or low light and brown lenses can be used for any level of light intensity.

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