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How to Cure Halitosis

Why would you want to cure Halitosis? When it comes to a bad breath we are generally tempted to blame the foods we eat and do not take into consideration the improper care of teeth, although in most cases, a poor oral hygiene is responsible for this problem.

However, halitosis is a symptom for many common diseases, not being inextricably linked to oral hygiene.

Cure Halitosis with detection and treatment

cure halitosis

What is Halitosis

In order to determine the causes and cure for Halitosis / bad breath, a dental control is required. Thus, before starting to fill your bag with chewing gum, consult your dentist to find out which treatment is best for you.

The first step to cure halitosis is respecting the rules of oral hygiene: brush your teeth and your tongue two times a day and floss to clean the spaces between teeth. If these rules are broken, the bacteria causing bad breath can easily accumulate in the mouth.

You plan now is to cure Halitosis, but did you know it may also indicate a periodontal disease? After the formation of plaque in the oral cavity, the pulp tissues become infected – which leads to periodontal diseases.

How do you get halitosis? Well, here we are talking about many possibilites. Halitosis is one of the symptoms of respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, post nasal discharge, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, liver or kidneys diseases.

Other factors that could lead to bad breath refer to cracked dental fillings – which create a perfect environment for the survival of bacteria. To detect such problems, it is required a visual dental examination.

Xerostomia (the sensation of a dry mouth) is also one of the causes for the appearance of halitosis. Since saliva is a natural mouthwash which helps us eliminate bacteria accumulated in the mouth, the reduced production of saliva gives rise to a bad breath.

Smoking is another important reason why one might have Halitosis. If food or tobacco are responsible for bad breath , the only solution is to reduce their consumption or eliminate these products from your diet.

However, if the problems persist, you should consult a specialist to identify the cause and establish a treatment plan.

In addition, to cure Halitosis, the best method is to go to the dentist regularly.

If you have noticed that you have a bad breath, write a list of the medications you have been taking (if it is the case) and show it to your dentist.

Cure Halitosis? How do I know if I suffer from it?

Since the connection between mouth and nose is made through an opening located in the soft palate ( the back of the mouth, which separates it from nasopharynx), it is quite difficult for you to figure out if you have a fresh breath. You will surely have to consult a specialist to know for sure.

How can I cure halitosis?

The treatment of this disease begins in the simplest way possible: regular cleaning of your teeth, removing debris from their surface, cleaning the tongue. Chewing gum is recommended in case the main cause of halitosis is related to drying of your mouth.

The consumption of fruits and vegetables represents a way of eliminating the bad breath. Moreover, they will keep the plaque away. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, especially if you enjoy smoking.


You should cure halitosis as soon as possible as it affects your social life and health as well.

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