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Health Benefits of Linden Flowers

The Linden tree is quite commonly found in cities and on the roads in the country. Towards the end of June the flowers of this tree fill the air with a sweet, amazing perfume. Linden trees are large trees and their leaves are heart-shaped. Some legends say that those who sleep under a linden tree could reach a fairyland.


The health benefits of linden flowers tea

Linden tea is recommended for people who have sleep disorders. Those who use it will have a deep sleep because linden flowers are relaxing; they might help you sweat and when you wake up you will feel great. For colds accompanied by fever and to prevent internal ear infections lime drink lime tea. This drink is useful for improving cold preparations, and respiratory tract congestion. Other positive effects of lime tea consumption:

– the whole cardiovascular system function improves and cardiac stress problems can be prevented by regular consumption of tea lime.

– drunk regularly lime tea will prolong the life span and the health will be excellent.

– thanks to the active ingredients and properties which the tea has, it is used as a sedative in case of insomnia .

– the linden tea role in treating colds, whooping cough and influenza should be highlighted. Linden tea stimulates perspiration and lowers body temperature. Linden flowers have a soothing effect and help eliminate bronchial secretions.

– paired with chamomile and mint, lime tea eases digestion and tone the stomach lining.

– mixed with soda lime tea can be used for gargling in case of inflammation of the tonsils.

– in cosmetics, in combination with corn, lime flower helps reduce dark circles under the eyes, but to calm dark and irritated skins as well.

How can linden flowers be prepared?

Linden flower tea can be prepared from a tablespoon of flowers added to 250 ml of boiling water. Cover the pot for 5-10 minutes and strain the tea. Consume 1-2 cups a day, sweetened with honey or sugar.

The infusion of linden tea is prepared by adding 25 g of flowers in 250 ml of boiling water and 5 g of sodium bicarbonate. For the sedative infusion part add 20 g of flowers to one liter of hot water. Drink one cup after dinner and one before bed.

Linden leaves baths are prepared from 500 g of plant for 3 liters of water. The bath will take up to 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 37 degrees C.

The macerated flowers of linden are obtained from 3 tablespoons linden flowers which are left to soak in a bowl with 250 ml cold water for 8 – 10 hours, then put on fire until they boil gently. The mixture will be filtered and allowed to cool, then mix with honey . It should be consumed, before bed, in a cup of linden tea.

The linden flowers infusion mixed with corn compress should be left on your eyelids for about 10-15 minutes before bedtime to reduce dark circles.

Linden flowers mask has nourishing and tonic properties for pale skin. It is the infusion of 4 tablespoons of lime flowers, a tablespoon of milk powder and one of wheat bran. They mix until it forms a paste that you put on your face for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the skin with an infusion of lime.

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