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Great Hangover Remedies!

If you’re able to read this article, there may still be hope for you! Let’s see how we can get rid of that hangover!

It’s Easter, you’ve met your whole family or friends, and after so many stories you can’t remember the number of glasses? The next day you wake up with a terrible head pain and dizziness? Well, you’re hungover. For this wicked hangover we haven’t yet found the perfect cure, but there are some natural remedies you should try!

The first impulse when you wake up is to drink water. Do not do that, things could get worse. You should drink one glass of cold milk; you will feel an improvement. Also, fruit juices can help and also cut back your nausea.

Once you have more senses try to eat a bit. Even if your stomach goes to war is good to nibble something. A sour soup is always welcome.


Eggs & honey will also improve your hangover. If you managed to eat a little and still feel dizzy, try to have a longer nap. You’ll feel better when you wake up and you’ll have an appetite again.

Of course, there are anti-hangover pills. This drug has complains due to the fact that, it encourage young people to consume alcohol. It contains substances designed to produce biochemical reactions that will produce a faster processing of alcohol.


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