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Good Advice Before Choosing Laser Eye Surgery


Laser eye surgery is one of the more common elective medical procedures throughout the U.S. that people want because they’re, quite simply, tired of using their glasses and contact lenses. Deciding whether or not you want or need laser eye surgery is simple. But knowing what laser eye surgery entails, knowing the side effects, knowing its outcomes, and everything else that comes with the procedure is extremely important. If you’re thinking about laser eye surgery, here are a few things you need to know before you dish out your money and head over to the clinic.


Laser Eye Surgery Won’t Fix All Your Problems

Contrary to (extremely) popular belief, laser eye surgery doesn’t mean no more glasses or contact lenses; it simply means that you’ll have to use your visual aid a lot less. According to a survey of seven-hundred and ninety-three adults conducted by Consumer Reports National Research Centre, more than half of the people who got laser eye surgery still found themselves having to use their glasses or contact lenses on at least one occasion. This is why, before considering any laser eye surgery at all, you should make sure your glasses prescription is still stable and up-to-date.

Despite the fact that most of the participants in this survey claimed satisfaction with their laser eye surgery, around sixty per cent still complained about still having to use their visual aid mediums. This may come as a disappointment, but it’s number one on the list of the most important things you need to know before you have lasers shot into your irises.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

If you’re still set on laser eye surgery after hearing the previous truth, the next step is finding the best surgeon. It’s imperative that you find one that’s not only friendly and extremely caring of his or her patients, but one that will give you your money’s worth.

We’ve compiled a short list of some important things you should look for in a great laser eye surgeon:

  • The Best Attitude – As mentioned above, the surgeon should be friendly and wanting to give you nothing but the best he or she can offer. Does he or she make you feel welcomed? Don’t give a grouch or someone who hates their job your money.
  • Who’s Recommending Them? – If the surgeon you’re considering wasn’t recommended to you by friends or family, conduct some solid research on the internet. Look up some reviews by previous patients. Whose service was great and whose wasn’t? How was the quality of service? Were any mistakes made? Were prices negotiable? These are all some things you should be considering.
  • Technology and Qualifications – If you want the best service, you need to look for a surgeon that’s using the best, most secure and efficient technology available. Is the surgeon offering you a choice of the technology you want used? Is the procedure bladeless (a common preference amongst most patients)? Never hesitate to ask about the technology because you always need to be aware of what’s being used.
  • Regarding qualifications, the surgeon you’re considering should be experienced in his or her craft. He or she should have multiple procedures under his or her belt and shouldn’t be afraid to tackle a challenge. Check the success rate, too.
  • Is There a Warranty Available? – Finally, make sure the surgeon offers you a warranty that covers a decently long period of time. Although the process of laser eye surgery has vastly improved in safety since its genesis, never take any chances you don’t need to take. You should also make sure you’re within geographical reach of the surgeon’s location for about a week or so after the surgery.

What You Should Avoid

Never purchase the laser eye surgery services from a clinic or surgeon that makes you feel uncomfortable in the slightest bit. Avoid clinics and practices that:

  • Give little individual attention
  • Place too much pressure on the sale
  • Sacrifice quality for a cheaper price
  • Delegate too much responsibility to staff, rather than the laser eye surgeon

Your Financial Obligations as the Customer

You’re also probably curious about financing. You should always:

  • Be able to obtain interest-free financing
  • Consider pre-tax flex spending money
  • Consider a vision-plan that helps cover most of the cost

For even more information on laser eye surgery, including frequently asked questions, give this website a visit.


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