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Foods to Avoid for Cancer Patients

Nutritional advice for pregnant women should be taken into consideration by the cancer patients also (for cancer), tell many public health experts from the United Kingdom.

Investigations carried out by the British Health Protection Agency (HPA) have shown that cancer patients are more predisposed to infection with the bacteria listeria, which causes listeriosis, because of what they eat. It would therefore should be very cautious about the foods they consume, reports BBC. The warning especially applies for patients receiving chemotherapy.

HPA experts have analyzed the 1413 cases of listeria-infected patients between 1999 and 2009, in the United Kingdom, and observed that the prevalence of infection among cancer patients was five times higher than patients already suffering from other illnesses such as diabetes. The study showed that those more prone to infection have been suffering from blood cancer.

The authors have made ​​a list of Foods to Avoid for Cancer Patients. What cancer patients should avoid to prevent infection with listeria: prepackaged delicacies and sliced charcuterie, soft cheeses – Brie, Camembert and Chevre (goat cheese), smoked fish, pastries (including vegetal ones), ready meals and frozen foods, precooked sandwiches and unpasteurized milk.

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