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Eliminate Habits That Prevent Good Sleep

It has been discovered that around 65 percent of Americans have sleep problems a few nights each week. Sleeping too little can lead to various health issues such as depression, or obesity.

There are some people who have sleep problems and need aid, but in the same time, there are people who have certain habits which prevent them from having a good night’s sleep. In some of the cases, all these people need to do is change these habits.

Habits That Prevent Good Sleep

One of the biggest mistakes people do prior to going to sleep is to read a book while they are in bed. If they do that on a repeated manner, they will have difficulties sleeping if they do not read a few chapters each night.

The experts have stated that if we want to read, we should do it in a couch or chair. While we are in the bed we should be focused on sleeping, and only sleeping.

It is very important not to spend time in front of the computer prior to going to sleep. The brightness of the screen is a stimulant for our brain, and because of that, we will have troubles falling asleep. You should stay away from the computer with one hour prior to sleeping, as hard as it might be.Eliminate Habits That Prevent Good Sleep

Keep The Room Dark and Invest in a Great Mattress

The bed or the mattress of the bed is very important, because a bad one will prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. Sure, some of the mattresses can be up to $3,000 but when it comes to your sleep you should not be afraid to spend your money

.A great mattress will allow you to sleep much better than a bad one. The bedding and the pillows will allow you to sleep better as well. In case you sleep on your back or stomach, get a soft pillow. If you sleep on your side, get a firmer pillow.

In order to be able to sleep in the proper manner, the room should be as dark as possible. This means that if you have a bright alarm clock, you should get rid of it.

Use your cell phone as an alarm clock, or use a different type of clock.

The darker the room is, the higher are the chances for you to sleep well. There are people that live the light on the hallway on, and it would be better not to do that.

Do not force yourself to sleep. If you are in bed for more than half an hour and you did not fell asleep, then get out of bed, and do something else.

You can read a book, watch TV, and so on. These activities will allow you to fall asleep when you get back to bed. Forget about the sheep counting technique.

It might be tempting to exercise in the evening, especially if you do not have time during the day. However, exercising in the evening will give you too much energy, and as a result, it will prevent you from falling asleep.

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