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Effects of smoking while pregnant? Risks, for you and your baby!

Are you sure you know all the effects of smoking while pregnant? You do know that this habbit is bad, but I have the feeling you still have a few cigarettes when you’re alone at home or in similar conditions. Let us say that smoking while pregnant is bad and may affect your pregnancy even if you only try one cigarette.

 effects of smoking while pregnant

Quit smoking while pregnant

Effects of smoking while pregnant:

  • You increase the risk of preterm labor. One in five women who smoke during pregnancy less than a daily pack of cigarettes give birth prematurely.
  • The child weighs less than “its initial value”. The consequence? Your child will grow and develop more slowly and more defective.
  • One of the most dangerous effect of smoking while pregnant includes the risk of miscarriage – the chance for a miscarriage almost doubles.
  • You increase the risk of sudden infant death. The child is healthy at birth but dies suddenly, usually during sleep, in the first month.
  • Newborn malformations are more common. The most common malformation affect the child’s face.
  • You will have lower chances of normal breast feeding.
  • You will increase the frequency of infectious diseases during early childhood: – otitis in the first year of life. – Pneumonia is twice as common in the first 5 years of the child.

Known effects of not smoking while pregnant:

  1. You feel grumpy, angry, frustrated, sad.
  2. You are agitated, you have all kinds of pain, sweat.
  3. You have a shallow and poorly sleep.
  4. You have the feeling you can not stay long without smoking.

Then it means you have nicotine withdrawal symptoms or Tobacco addiction!

If you feel discouraged because of the withdrawal and you think you can not quit:

  • Get help from smoking cessation specialists;
  • Think that stopping smoking will improve and even save your life and your child.

stop smoking while pregnant

Stop smoking while pregnant

Stop the effects of smoking while pregnant

  • Decide firmly to stop smoking
  • Think always at the good you do while not smoking.  Your child will only receive the oxygen and nutrients he needs
  • Make an action plan:

Identify your smoking needs: “My body asks for a cigarette”, “I’ll be sick if I do not smoke”, “I must smoke” etc..

Identify smoking cravings: “A cigarette would be great “, “I feel like having a cigarette,” “I’ll smoke just one out of boredom” etc.

Give up all your cigarette cravings by doing something else when you’re craving for a cigarette.

Ways to postpone a much needed cigarette:

1. Drink water, eat fruits and go for a walk.
2. Buy yourself something nice with the money saved.

Stop smoking completely after 3-4 weeks – otherwise you will return to your previous smoking habits.

It is s not true that:

• If you smoke only a few cigarettes, your baby is safe. The mere fact of sitting in a room where somebody’s smoking increases the risk of fetal distress. Each time you have a cigarette your placental vessels will contain less blood, oxygen and nutrients, so your child suffers!

• If you didn’t quit in early pregnancy,  then there is no reason to quit later. Whenever you inhale nicotine (via smoking or inhaling smoke from others) the child suffers!

• Stress produced by quitting smoking harms the fetus. If you quit smoking then your body returns to normal, so you do not cause any stress! Complaints due to nicotine withdrawal take only a few days while the damage done to your child will feel throughout his life!

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These are the most common effects of smoking while pregnant.


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