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Effective Methods for Removing External Hemorrhoids

People who suffer from external hemorrhoids are probably trying various remedies to treat them. There are many alternatives available that include simple remedies that can be tried at home to minimally invasive surgical procedures. Most cases of external hemorrhoids can be treated with dietary changes, local treatments, non-surgical treatments and sitz baths. Although, in cases where the prolapse is high surgery may be necessary.


Surgical options

  • Hemorrhoidectomy – Through this technique the entire hemorrhoid is. This type of surgery is one of the most effective ways and complete removal of hemorrhoids, but carries a high risk of complications.
  • Stapled hemoroidopexia or stapled hemorrhoidectomy – This technique uses a circular stapling device in order to eliminate hemorrhoidal tissue. Excess tissue is removed, while the remaining tissue is stapled. This operation involves minor pain than hemorrhoidectomy. Stapling is, however, associated with a higher risk of recurrence.
  • Laser surgery – is used for complete removal of external hemorrhoids. Surgical treatment involves reduced pain and discomfort, less medication and rapid healing.

Minimally invasive procedures

1. Rubber band ligation – External hemorrhoids are tied to their base to interrupt the blood supply to tissues. Eventually, the hemorrhoidal tissue will dry and fall.

2. Sclerotherapy – this procedure involves using a chemical to be injected for obstructing blood flow to the hemorrhoidal tissue. It is indicated for the treatment of small hemorrhoids.

3. Coagulation by cauterization – cauterization is used to remove by burning the hemorrhoidal tissue. The technique has few side effects, but the possibility of relapse is increased.

4. Cryotherapy involves removing hemorrhoids by freezing.
The physician will determine the most appropriate technique for the excision of hemorrhoids depending on the size and severity of external hemorrhoids.

Home Remedies

• Increase the intake of dietary fiber
• Eat more fruits, vegetables and water
• Apply ice to the affected area
• Suppositories, gels, creams and ointments help relieve pain and inflammation
• Make local baths with hot water for 10-15 minutes, three times a day
• Establish a constant daily program to eliminate the stool
• Increase the intake of bioflavonoid
• Drink onion juice if you have painful hemorrhoids that bleed
• Eat dried mango seeds, two to three times a day to relieve pain during seat removal
• Do light exercise daily.

Risk Factors

There are several conditions that may increase pressure on the external hemorrhoidal veins. Risk factors include:

• forcing during seat removal or inadequate bowel habits, such as staying in the toilet for long periods
• pregnancy
• age
• constipation or chronic diarrhea
• anal sex
• cirrhosis
• obesity
• a diet high in fat and low in fiber.

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