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Easiest way to quit smoking

This article may hold the easiest way to quit smoking. All the methods explained here may have different effect on you, so read them well, and chose the one that fits you best!

There are several methods through which you can give up this unhealthy activity of smoking. Whether you try to give it up suddenly, without any help or by resorting to less conventional methods such as acupuncture or hypnotherapy – you have all the chances to lose this habit. The easiest way to quit smoking, is the one that you feel comfortable with. If you also add the basic ingredient – „ will” – your success is assured. The battle is not easy, but you should never give up!

Easiest way to quit smoking

Easiest way to quit smoking

The easiest way to quit smoking? Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves inserting needles in various areas of your body. As strange as this may seem, this operation is not painful and the patients are allowed to relax for at least half an hour before the beginning of a session. The needles are then removed, except two small ones which remain fixed in the ear lobs. This may not be the easiest way to quit smoking for you, but the idea is to touch your ear lobe each time you feel the need to smoke a cigarette.

However, the real effectiveness of acupuncture has not been scientifically proven until now, but some smokers claim to have felt better after they tried this method.

Quit smoking without any aid

It might seem very hard to just quit smoking, without any special method. Although physical symptoms can be quite radical in the first days, they disappear in the next two or three weeks. Most people managed to quit smoking because of their b will. If your mind is not b enough, this can`t be the easiest way to quit smoking, but it sure was the cheapest.

The e-mail which motivates you to quit smoking

You can register to various programs that send a series of motivational e-mails, centered on each stage of your recovery. Moreover, these messages inform you about the progress your body makes and offer a lot of information and ideas to help you stay optimistic in case you are tempted to smoke again.

Hypnotherapy could be the easiest way to quit smoking

Although nicotine is a drug that generates an extremely high physical dependence, smoking also has many psychological connections. Hypnotherapy tries to alter the dependence that usually exist in the mind and subconscious of the smoker. It has not been proven scientifically yet that this method is effective in any situation, but most smokers who have tried it, consider it to be of real help.

Laser treatment

It is a new treatment developed by a former smoker, which uses laser, at minimum intensity, to stimulate energy points in the body. These, in turn, stimulate the production of endorphins. Clinical tests have demonstrated the positive effects of this treatment.

The easiest way to quit smoking? Nicotine patches

A discrete and easy method which works by releasing a small dose of nicotine into the blood stream, through the skin. Most of these patches must be worn only during the day, proving to be very effective in many cases.

Nicotine Chewing Gum

where to buy nicorette gum

where to buy nicorette gum

Presented by many TV commercials as the easiest way to quit smoking, The Nicotine Chewing Gum allows you to control your nicotine dose. Learning how to chew gum properly represents a very important step for this method to succeed. The idea is to chew gently until you feel the flavor. We recommend the minty gums found above as your best choice. These were proved to have great effect especially on those who are always on the run.

Nasal Spray

And our lucky winner crowned as the easiest way to quit smoking: Nasal Spray. It is the most powerful product of its kind, being a small bottle of nicotine solution, which is sprayed directly into your nostrils. For this reason, the solution is absorbed faster than any other form of medication.

We hope one of these tricks is good enough for you to consider it as the easiest way to quit smoking.

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