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Do you wear the correct bra?

Have you ever wondered if you wear the correct bra?

Generally, when we choose a bra we first think of its aspect and not of the health of our breasts – this is the result of a study made by the researchers at Portsmouth University.

It turned out that 8 of 10 women wear unsuitable bras, which do not provide the necessary support for their breasts, leading to the weakening of their ligaments.

While we are making physical effort, like working hard at the gym, our breasts move up to 21 cm up and down, to the right and to the left, front and rear and most bras are able to limit only the vertical movements.

perfect sport bra

Sports bra

Wendy Hedger, one of the researchers, said that many women prefer a certain type of bra, and they would never wish to try something else. Her example refers to the sports bra.

Most of us believe that sports bra should be quite big and they should only be removed over the head.

Wendy says that women do not want to try a sports bra that fastens in the back, like normal models do. However, there are many such bras that are great for physical activity and, which also look wonderful.

The habitualness is one of the factors that makes us choose the wrong bra, which doesn’t fit and that can cause pain or discomfort. To this we can add the social factor.

Many women do not want to look like they have too large or too small breasts, and for this reason they choose the unsuitable bras – in this way, trying to create the look they think it is perfect for them.

Sometimes we actually don’t realize that we are utilizing the wrong bra, as we got used to wearing a certain type and we don’t want to give it up.

We should always bear in mind that, in time, our breast size can change (during pregnancy, lactation, or menopause), and the bra cut and size should do that too.

A suitable bra has to be comfortable, should not cast or ascend on your breasts or on the back, should not create red marks on the skin or be loose on the sternum.

How do you know what’s the perfect bra size for you?

It is best to try several bras, until you find one that feels comfortable. To have at least an idea of the correct size for your breasts, you should make some measurements.

nu bra

The perfect bra for you

The label with the bra size contains two elements: a number and a letter. The first refers to the circumference of the chest and the second to the breast size.

The circumference of the chest can be discovered easily: you measure your body, just under the breasts.

You must round the number to reach one of the classic sizes of 70, 75, 80, or 85.

You may want to click the near image, you will definitely find the perfect bra.

Afterwards, you must measure again over the breasts, starting from their most prominent point.

Then, you subtract the first number from this one to obtain your cup size.

If the result is less than 2.5, your size is AA, at a difference of 2.5 the right size is A, approximately 5 cm – size B, 7 cm – C and so on.

Choosing the right bra is very important, not only for the health and beauty of your breasts, but also for your own comfort. An unsuitable bra can create unpleasant marks on your skin, back pain, backbone pain and even headaches.
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