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Do not throw fruit peels! Learn to use them

Today we will learn how to use fruit peels in an effective way. Most often, every time you eat a banana you immediately throw the peel in the trash. Either that, or you use it to prank your followers.

Given any case, I believe you should learn that the banana peel has many uses, one being that it is a good ingredient for compost. Don’t throw away any fruit peel, seeds or fruit skin as these can have various uses in your home and garden. Here are some of the uses for fruit peel:

1. Dried Orange peel

One of the known uses for dried orange peel is that they are used to scent your home.

Thus, dried orange peel can be placed in bowls in several areas of the house or directly on the radiator to spread a pleasant smell. Also, put some dried orange peels in the garbage bucket before putting a bag over. You will remove future odor.

fruit peels

How to use citrus peel

Another less known use of dried orange peel is as substitute for fire paper. Thus, dried orange peel can be used to light the fire as it contains flammable oils that will be burning for a long time.

Also, cut it in half and thoroughly remove the actual fruit. Then fill the empty shell with salt, place it in a bowl, and stash it in a corner of your fridge. The salt absorbs and neutralizes odors and preserves the fruit skin, while the shell should lend its clean-smelling scent to your stale fridge air.

2. Peanuts sheel

Collect shells of nuts in a bag and use them all for fire instead of charcoal when you want to make a grill.

Sprinkle them with a solution of dishwashing detergent and water, let it dry, then spread some baking powder over them. This will make them ignite even faster!

You’ll notice that they will prove as effective as pieces of coal, while being more environmentally friendly.

how to use banana peel

Banana peel

3. Banana peel

With banana peel you may clean and polish silverware and even shoes made out of leather. Wipe your shoes with a soft cloth after using the banana peel.

Also, banana peels can be used to wipe houseplants leaves. You will notice that such treated leaves will get a special luster.

4. Grape peel

Many people eat grapes without skin. If you are among these people, instead of throwing grape husks, put them to dry in the oven at a very low temperature.

Later you can use dried husks in salads or to flavor tea.

5. Lemon peel

Grated lemon peel can be used to flavor cakes, but not many people know that lemon peel can be used to ease joint pain and soothe nerves.

Volatile oils found in lemon peel help relax blood vessels and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Thus, grated lemon peel can be used to wrap the body’s painful areas. Pretty cool huh?

6. Melon peel

One good use of melon peel is to cut the melon in half, remove peel and pulp and use it as a bowl for fruit salad.

This simple solution will be effective especially for parties. If not, use it on your skin, it has a cleaning effect and will leave your skin shinny and healthy!

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