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Diseases caused by Technology Evolution

Sure, we enjoy the evolution of technology, but few people realize how dangerous it is to our body or mind.

Today I will bypass some of these poisonous gadgets. I won`t mention the phone you have in your pocket, that incredibly dirty keyboard you have, the amount of radiation coming from that huge Radio/TV antenna on the nearby hill, pollution or many other things that are affecting you right now, without you even knowing it. Today I’m going to talk about just a few of the diseases caused by technology evolution. I know you are aware of these, but what are you going to do about it?

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Here are the most common diseases caused by sweet evolution:

1. Vision problems

People who spend hours in front of the computer (either at work or leisure) are prone to asthenopia. Of course, you will say your computer screen is of high quality and I agree: some monitors affect us more than others. If you are still using a CRT type (the one that is not flat and has a large thing behind it), please get rid of it.

Either way, all screens affect us in the end. It’s just a matter of time. Take breaks, have some blinking sessions and most of all, don’t sit alone in the dark with your computer screen. It is highly recommended to keep your lights on while watching screens during the night.

Back to asthenopia. This disease is manifested by symptoms such as eye redness, dryness and burning feeling, blurred or double vision. (no, this doesn’t mean you are turning into a superhero)

2. Deafness

It became a habit to listen music on headphones as loud possible, to cover all the surrounding noises. After several years of such treatment, your hearing will start loosing its capabilities. Many doctors said many of their young clients got to hear worse than your grandpa. Think again next time, a lower volume will let you enjoy that music 20 years later.

3. Thrombosis

The disease occurs at people who are sitting more than 8 hours a day. Basically, you are slowing the blood flow to the legs. This disease is manifested by the appearance of a blood clot in leg veins. Not cool at all. Read our Fitness articles! I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

4. Orthorexia

It’s actually a healthy food obsession. The latest bombardment of warnings about extremely dangerous chemicals found in food turned many people to be obsessed with healthy and environmentally friendly foods. Thus a growing number of people come to compile their own highly restrictive diets and, in fact, do more harm than good physically.

General practitioners and psychiatrists around the world warn that Orthorexia is about to expand dangerously. Now, our website may not have the best nutritionists, but read the articles in our Nutrition category or at least, listen to what some man in the field says about a diet, etc. before making your own.

5. Sick building syndrome

I know, you love that new office but this syndrome occurs in people who work or live in a new or recently renovated modern building. This buildings usually have efficient insulation with a complete insulation system and possibly, windows that don’t open. All this hi-tech stuff actually makes you sick.

Symptoms include headaches, eye, throat or nose irritation, cough, dry or itchy skin, even nausea, fatigue and increased sensitivity to odors. This is mainly due to lack of natural ventilation. These air conditioning systems bring air along with carpet chemicals (VOCs), adhesives, paint, etc., to mold spores, which grow very quickly in damp and poorly ventilated places.

Also, places such as toilets, water dispensers, handles, daily equipment, phones and more, are filled with bacteria and germs.

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