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Diabetes – The Disease of the Century

Everyone has heard about Diabetes, the condition which can affect every single person on this planet. The main concern related to this condition is the fact that it is genetic and it can also develop at any age. Depending on social, economic and medical factors, a person can somewhat tell if they are going to develop diabetes or not.

The worst part is that it seems that there are more and more women and children suffering from type 2 diabetes, which is the worst version of this condition.

What is Diabetes and Which Are Its most Common Symptoms?

Diabetes is the type of condition which affects the pancreas. When a person develops the condition, the insulin levels produced by the pancreas decrease so much that the sugar levels in the blood are a lot higher than they should be.

When the sugar levels increase in the blood, insulin is released to control those levels and a diabetic pancreas can no longer produce the amount of insulin needed and this is how hyperglycemia appears.

The worst part about diabetes is that it is a chronic condition, which lasts for an entire lifetime, because there has been found no cure for it yet. Most people who have diabetes, suffer from the type 2 one, which usually involves taking insulin shots once a couple of hours.

Living such a life is very hard and most often than not, people can develop all sorts of other conditions of the heart or lungs mainly due to their diabetes problem.

It has been discovered that obese people are more prone to develop diabetes type 2. Also, stress is another factor which can lead to the development of the condition, along with unhealthy habits such as smoking. The symptoms that first appear at a person who suffers from diabetes are minor.

Most people feel the need of drinking a lot more water than they used to and they often go to the bathroom. The urge of eating sweets is another symptom which should not be neglected.

Living with Diabetes

It is hard for women to live with diabetes, because the condition does not allow you to do many of the things you were used to. You are not allowed to stay too much in the sun, you should always keep an eye on your diet and try to eat “diabetes” foods. Also, people suffering from diabetes type 2 should avoid sweets altogether, because their sugar levels are already very high.

Living with diabetes can be a real hustle and most women who have been diagnosed with this condition are well aware of the fact that the are going to need to make some changes in their entire lives.

Anyway, if you take care of what you eat, if you take your insulin shots every time and if you increase the quality of life, diabetes can be something you live with.

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