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Dealing with Fibrocystic Breast Condition

Fibrocystic breasts are usually characterized by lumps or discomfort in one or both breasts that women experience throughout their lives. The best part is that these fibrocystic breasts are not malignant, they are benign and they can be treated.

Taking into account the fact that this condition appears in more than 60 percent of the women world-wide, it is very well known and it usually occurs in women around the age of 30. However, the lumps felt in the breasts disappear by themselves after a woman hits menopause.

Understanding Fibrocystic Breast Condition

As I have already mentioned, there are many women in the world who feel these lumps in their breasts. These lumps usually appear in the period before the menstrual cycle mainly due to the high levels of progesterone and estrogen. There is something a woman needs to understand.

First of all, every month, the body prepares itself for a possible pregnancy and it produces more hormones such as the ones already mentioned. These hormones make some tissue cells grow a bit larger and this is why a woman can feel these lumps in her breasts.

In what concerns the symptoms, there are numerous women who do not even feel them, because they are extremely mild. Other women, however, may have some troubles with the fibrocystic breast condition, as the symptoms can feel a lot of discomfort and pain and they can even feel their lumps in the breasts.

Treating Fibrocystic Breast Condition

Considering the fact that the lumps felt in the breast in this condition are benign, doctors seem to think that women should take medication to only relieve their symptoms.

For instance, anti-inflammatory medication has proven quite effective in relieving the pain and discomfort felt during the menstrual period due to the lumps. Women can also wear a bra at night to relieve symptoms or buy adequate support for their breasts, in order to feel better during the period of her menstruation.

It has been showed that vitamins, such as vitamin C, A and B6, can also help women in their quest of relieving painful symptoms of the fibrocystic breast condition and it seems that other natural supplements, such as Oil of Primrose, have also proven to be quite useful in helping women relieving their symptoms.

If a woman follows a hormonal treatment and she has to cope with the fibrocystic breast condition, she should get off the estrogen supplements during this period. High levels of estrogen and progesterone are usually the hormones responsible for these lumps felt in the breasts and lower levels can lead to the relief of these symptoms and the reduction of the lumps.

Another thing women need to know is that conditions such as diabetes or thyroid dysfunction can also lead to the development of the fibrocystic breast condition and they can even aggravate the symptoms, so women really need to see a specialist to solve this problem.

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  • Even in the event of a fault, therefore, negative energy, which often leads to their bra seams, especially with cross stitching, where it has the most negative energy!

    Even with this disease should be a woman for a few months removed wearing bra and regularly taking a shower the whole breast at least 2 to 4 times a day, and all other medicines are unnecessary because they do not give medical effect!

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