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Dealing with the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Even before 1986, when the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome has been discovered, it was long suspected that alcohol during pregnancy could lead to serious problems. P. Lemoine and his colleagues in France had been studying the effects of alcohol on the fetus for quite some long time until they discovered that it was all about the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

The thing is that women who have a problem which concerns drinking too much and who end up being pregnant need to understand that there are some risks they will take if they continue drinking as much as they used to. We all know that alcohol can cause a lot of problems, both for the mother and the baby and most of the children whose mothers drank alcohol during the period they were pregnant are born with significant birth defects. One of the most common problems resulted in a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is mental retardation.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Although the signs and symptoms of a FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) does not occur in every child who suffers from it, the most common symptoms include deformation of the skeleton, heart, head, face and intelligence of the child.

The worst part is that mothers should have thought about quitting this nasty habit once they learnt about being pregnant.

Anyways, considering that the FAS has been seen in very young mothers as well, an alarm signal should be drawn, because there is something that needs to be done in order to prevent this type of situation.

Mothers have to take care of their little children, who are impaired at several different levels, for the rest of their lives and the way they do can make a difference.

The most common symptoms are related to the diminished intelligence, as children who suffer from FAS usually have an IQ not bigger than 60.

What Causes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Well, believe it or not, mothers cause FAS. Irresponsible mothers, who find out that they are pregnant and do nothing about it. There are numerous women out there who get pregnant and they continue smoking and drinking as if there were nothing wrong with these habits.

Moreover, high quantities of alcohol drunk during the pregnancy period can lead to even more serious problems. These problems, however, will not affect only the baby, but the mother as well.

In any case, alcohol should be avoided altogether during the period of pregnancy, as well as during the period when the mother breastfeeds.

A glass of beer or of wine once in a while is nothing to be worried about, but every single woman should know that if they choose to drink alcohol during their pregnancy, there are high chances for their children to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

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