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Dealing with Ectopic Pregnancy

Although there are not too many cases of ectopic pregnancies, almost 1 in 100 women have to deal with it. In order to know exactly what to do and how to recognize an ectopic pregnancy, make sure you read the article to the very end.

There are going to be listed the symptoms that will let you know you are dealing with an ectopic pregnancy and ways of solving the problem.

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

Ectopic means misplaced and an ectopic pregnancy is that type of pregnancy which is placed outside the uterus. Most such pregnancies occur on the Fallopian tube and there are very rare the cases where the pregnancy is found in the abdomen or in the ovary.

Therefore, given that the pregnancy develops in such a nasty environment such as the Fallopian tube, also known as ectopic tube, there are certain things which may happen to the fetus.

For instance, there are many cases of such pregnancies where the fetus is aborted.

Half of the women who experience an ectopic pregnancy deal with this and it is usually without symptoms. The only thing that happens is that there is going to be vaginal bleeding and nothing has to be done about it.

If this is not the case, there are two scenarios. One of them includes the stretching of the Fallopian tube, which is not that flexible and at this point, symptoms start to occur and this is why the ectopic pregnancy can be detected.

If it is not detected in time, the Fallopian tube can burst and then there can be a case of severe internal bleeding and this is the moment in which you need to go to the doctor’s, because it is a medical emergency.

 Ectopic Pregnancy symptoms

Treat ectopic pregnancy symptoms

The most common symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy consist of pain on one side of the lower part of the abdomen, vaginal bleeding, fainting or even pain on passing stool.

The most worrying thing is that there can be cases where there are no symptoms before the tube raptures and in the moment when there is a sharp pain, it can be because the Fallopian tube could not bear the pregnancy anymore and it burst. In this case, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

How to treat Ectopic Pregnancy

Given that ectopic pregnancies are more often determined before the rapture happens and this is why most women can solve the problem. One way to do it is by undergoing surgery.

Removing the Fallopian tube is always a way to solve the problem and to stop anything else from happening.

Given that in most of the cases the ultimate thing is the rapture, there are real chances of severe problems and this is why most women turn to surgery so as to get their tube removed.

Today technology has evolved very much and in order to spare women the problems of surgeries, a new treatment has been proven to work very well. This is about an injection that women can take and that has the same effect as the surgeries, only it is not intrusive and it has fewer risks.

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