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Dealing With Cystinuria

Cystinuria is one of the most common genetic disorders women have to cope with. The main issue with this condition is that is can cause a lot of problems, as it is concerned with a disorder in the transport of a certain amino acid and the formation of cystine stones.

Cystinuria affects about 1 in 7,000 women, but the condition is fairly common.

What Causes this Condition and what Happens with the Cystine in the Urine?

As I have already mentioned, cystinuria is a genetic disorder where there are some problems with the transportation of some amino acids through the cells of the kidney and the intestinal tract. This results in the formation of the cystine stones, which can lead to serious problems.

The pains associated with this type of condition are absolutely unbearable and there are numerous young women who have to undergo surgery just to get rid of the stones.

The cystine stones are also known as kidney stones and some of them are quite small and they leave the kidney and pass into the urine, where they are decomposed with the help of medication and they turn into little particles which can be eliminated through urine. However, big stones usually remain in the kidney, causing a lot of troubles and if they cannot be eliminated, women need to undergo surgery.

The most common symptoms of cystinuria include things such as blood in the urine, kidney pain on one side, urinary tract infections and pains and discomfort felt near the abdomen.

If the condition is ignored or treated too late, it can lead to death, while otherwise, survival of the patients can depend on dialysis or kidney transplant.

Treating Cystinuria

There are several ways of treating this condition, but the main thing women need to know is that they have to act on it as soon as they find out they have these kidney stones. If the condition is discovered from the very begging, the best way of treating and eliminating the stones is by having a higher intake of fluids. Therefore, drinking a lot of water can be exactly what women need in order to get rid of the kidney stones.

If higher intakes of fluids do not seem to be helping, people should consider following a treatment with a drug called penicillamine. This type of drug helps the body to decompose faster the kidney stones and eliminate them through urine. There are no side effects associated with this type of drug, and people should really consider this option.

Taking into consideration the fact that kidney stones can lead to serious problems and that women may have to undergo dialysis for the rest of their lives, the condition should be treated as soon as the first symptoms appear.

There are high chances for women who have a history of kidney stones to go through many similar episodes, but every time they need to act on time and treat them. The last option is surgery and it can be life-saving.

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