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Comfortable ways to sleep while pregnant

During the nine months of pregnancy, your belly grows slowly, slowly … while the baby is evolving.

Future moms may feel an irresistible need to sleep in early pregnancy, but this later changed directly proportional to the size of your tummy.

As much as you’d like, you cannot find comfortable ways to sleep while pregnant so you need some guidance from some of our experts.

During the last months:

If by the 5th month of pregnancy most mothers can relax even better than usual, starting with the 6th, problems start to occur.

Cramps, baby movements, inability to sleep on your stomach in a comfortable position … all lead to a restless sleep or even insomnia.

How to sleep while being pregnant

How to sleep while being pregnant


Here are some comfortable ways to sleep while pregnant:

Still, you must be aware that we cannot write magic tricks here. Being pregnant brings a lot of bad parts, but the joy you get after…ooh, believe me, every second worths it.

You won’t be able to find comfortable ways to sleep while being pregnant related on the stomach position, but there are many other ways to fix this problem.

Adopt a proper diet! As mentioned in our previous article: Trouble Sleeping? Find out WHY!, you must avoid fatty foods, spicy and fried foods.

Instead, you can eat fruits, vegetables and lean meats. Drink a glass of milk before bedtime! Milk always helps, it doesn’t matter if you are pregnant on not.

Room temperature is also important! Make sure the thermometer does not indicate more than 20 degrees Celsius.

Especially during pregnancy, your body releases more heat and not having a proper temperature can cause problems even related to sleep!

Routine. Try and go to sleep, same time, every night. Your body will get used to a particular program for sleeping.

Hydrate yourself! Make sure you drink enough fluids during the day!

A great pregnant sleep position: Stretched on your back, eyes closed, try to control your breathing and relax your muscles.

When you feel that you fall asleep, lie on your left side, supporting your right foot on a pillow for more comfort.

Give up caffeinated drinks. If you can not do this, try to drink these in the morning or at noon;

Limit consumption of foods and liquids before bedtime;

Organize your schedule and the hours of sleep, avoid doing exercises before you go to bed. Rather relax by doing a warm bath;

9 months later

Nine Months Later

Get your daily requirement of calcium to prevent muscle cramps;

You can take yoga into account (only with doctor’s permission) to maintain your muscle tone.

Avoid eating too much at dinner (digestion is slower, and you will move all night). Try to divide dinner in two snacks.

First snack should be at 5:00 PM, based on fruits and yogurt.

As a conclusion, if you are searching for comfortable ways to sleep while pregnant always go for the left side

Sleeping on the left and not on your right side, you will avoid pressure on the inferior cava vein, which brings blood from the lower half of the body to the heart, passing by the right side of uterus.

In other words, you will notice that it’s harder to breathe if you choose to sleep on the right side and not on your left.

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