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How to Care for your Contact Lenses

Whether you are new to wearing contact lenses or have been wearing them for years, caring for your lenses is an essential part of the process. Here are a few essential care tips for contact lens wearers.

Clean your Lenses

Contact Lenses

Before acquiring new lenses or glasses making use of a glasses guide in order to pick the right eywear is important; it’s often wise to do some research first into exactly what you’ll need.

Clean Hands for Clean Lenses

The first step to caring for your lenses is to wash your hands before you put them in. There are many types of lenses available including varifocal lenses, tinted lenses, daily disposable lenses and more but this is a rule that applies regardless of the type of lenses you wear.

If your hands are not clean when you touch your lenses, bacteria can be transferred to your lenses which in turn will come into contact with your eyes. Ensuring your hands are clean will help to reduce the possibility of getting an eye infection.

Timing is Everything

The time that you put your lenses in is crucial. If you put your lenses in after applying body lotions, perfume or makeup, you could end up with a film on your lenses that may cause blurred vision. Likewise remove your lenses after your makeup has been removed.

Contact Lens Products

Different types of contact lenses require different care but speaking to an eye care specialist can help you to discover the right products for you.

There are many solutions and eye drops and contact lens storage solutions on the market that can make caring for your lenses easier.

Contact Lenses Women

Cyan Woman Lenses

If you do use solution, do not let the tip of the solution bottle touch your lenses as this could also increases the chances of an eye infection.

If you do experience irritation or think you may have an eye infection, do not wear your contact lenses.

If you have prescription glasses, wear these and discuss your condition with a specialist! 


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