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What Do We Do about Bulimia?

Believe it or not, there are numerous women and especially young girls who have to deal with bulimia. The worst part is that most women who are diagnosed with bulimia nervosa, are also diagnosed with anorexia and coping with both conditions at once can be really hard and especially traumatizing.

Taking into consideration the fact that eating disorders are actually psychological disorders, the first problem that has to be solved is the one in the brain.

What is Bulimia and Why Does It Appear?

Bulimia is characterized by episodes of binge eating, followed by weird methods of weight loss, such as self-inflicted vomiting, abuse of laxatives or diuretics and other such things.

The main idea with bulimia is that peer pressure is extremely important. Young women, who are still in school are the most prone to develop this condition due to the high standards imposed by the society in which they are living. Skinny models are usually the main idol these girls try to follow and they end up so sick, they can even die.

The main reason for which binge eating appears is related not to hunger, as one may think, but to depressive states, stress or other such conditions. As I have already mentioned, peer pressure is an extremely important factor and it has to be taken into account when trying to help a woman suffering from bulimia.

In comparison to anorexic people, bulimic young girls do not lose so much weight. They actually see high fluctuations in their weight and that can trigger a lot more problems. Usually, after an episode of binge eating, girls start to feel guilty about eating and they end up throwing up everything they had previously eaten. The worst part of the condition is that it does not show signs.

Girls can have this urge of getting the food out of their systems once they have finished eating, but people may not observe that and due to the fact that the physical aspect does not change too much, it is hard to know if someone has bulimia.

What Are the Treatments for Bulimia?

Treatment for bulimia is usually made through the help of a physician or a psychiatrist. Taking into account the fact that bulimia nervosa is more a psychiatric condition, it is only normal to find a way of treating it in the brain.

Once the psychiatrist finds the source of the problem, they can treat their patient with great success. Unfortunately, there are numerous women who get treated and they go back to how they were, just because they do not receive enough help afterwards.

It is important for a bulimic person to live in a friendly and protective environment, where people do not pressure them and where they can feel safe. The environment in which they live is very important for bulimic people and this is the main reason for which the family has to be very supportive.

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