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Brain Injury & Dementia

When a person obtains a head injury due to an accident, the effects of this can be far reaching, often farther than one might think. It is often difficult to fully assess the extent of the injury’s impact as many symptoms worsen or develop over time. There is current research that supports a connection between a brain injury and dementia.

When a person has sustained a brain injury, they become more prone to dementia than ever before.

In fact, today dementia is considered a serious health problem that may occur after a head injury. The incidence of head injury typically occurs more in younger people than older.

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Brain injury

Brain injury at older people

In people under the age of 50, head injury is the most common cause of dementia. It is second only to alcoholism and infection. When older people have head injuries they are more apt to develop dementia due to their age.

When a person becomes brain injured, depending upon the severity, certain changes occur within the brain. The inflammation that can occur can alter some brain function. In some patients, this leads to changes in cognitive functions and memory. As a result, they may see an early onset of dementia.

Sometimes these cases often can occur and develop quite rapidly in some patients. A person with dementia may hallucinate, be unable to focus and concentrate, have memory loss, be confused and have other impairments in their cognitive abilities.

After the Brain Injury 

When a person has sustained a brain injury, they might want to confer with their physician regarding the implications their injury may have on developing dementia.

Along with this suggestion, also comes another. People who have suffered a brain injury should also seek the services of a licensed brain injury solicitor.

Given the situation, a lawsuit may be justified. This can offer the victim some financial assistance to help bear the financial burdens for them. You solicitor will hear your case.

They can advice you if you are able to satisfy the burdens of proof that must be met in order to have a successful claim.

The solicitor can also gather evidence and build your compensation claim regarding your brain injury.

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