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Botox Treatments – Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Botox Procedure Carried Out?

Beautiful and happy - Healthy rules for beautyBotox obstructs the signals from the nerve to the facial muscles to prevent them from contracting, leaving the skin looking smooth. Botox isn’t a wrinkle remover; it can only give good results on expression lines that are influenced by muscles. It is going to show results on the particular muscles which have been injected causing the surrounding muscles to function normally. It isn’t capable of make the wrinkles disappear entirely however it is going to make an improvement to areas getting treated.

More about the Botox Treatment

The Botox powder is made available to the cosmetic surgeon who then reconstitutes it into a saline solution. It’s then injected with the help of a disposable syringe with a fine needle. The Botox surgeon is going to ask you to frown hard to ensure that the areas to treat will be seen. They are going to then inject those areas. Many people claim that it feels like an ant sting at each and every area getting injected. Anaesthetic is not commonly needed but certain Botox surgeons can utilize it as a way to numb the area first, or place ice on before and after. A number of non-surgical procedures may be performed together since they can complement one another based on exactly what you might be aiming to accomplish.

What is the Level of Effectiveness of the Botox Treatment?

Botox treatment could last for 3 to 5 months or in some cases even more depending on the person. If you happen to enjoy the outcome, you might require a few repeat treatments each year. Medical studies have revealed that with time the time-span of the result increases, which results in a lesser amount of treatments being required to be able to keep the wanted effect.

It typically requires 2 to 3 days to commence exhibiting results, with the full result emerging in a week. Use many facial expressions to work the Botox into the muscles for the initial day. You should not massage or rub the area since this can result in the toxins to spread outside of the treated area. You should not lie down for 4 hours following the injections.

Basic Information about Botox

A great deal of research by major medical institutions along with universities has shown that Botox treatment is the fastest developing cosmetic treatment and is the 2nd most popular treatment right after face peels.


Some Risks Associated With the Procedure

Botox Isn’t encouraged for expecting women as well as those breast feeding, as there have not been enough studies to indicate that it could possibly cause harm to the baby. Eyelid droop is unusual and might last for as much as a month. Double vision is also unusual and could also last for as much as 6 months until the results have worn out. By consulting a knowledgeable as well as experienced Botox surgeon, this is not likely to take place. You must refrain from the treatment if there’s a current drooping of your eyelid.

Where Can I Find a Botox Clinic?

You can search on the internet for your nearest Botox clinic which will be very similar to Therapie. Sometimes Botox services can be offered by private medical clinics that provide a wide range of services such as weight loss consultancy, health & fitness and much more.

General Information about Botox?

There are lots of individuals who have ventured into Botox to allow them to have the feeling involving rejuvenation. As an outcome the demand is even higher for trained physicians with Botox certification and trained in cosmetic procedures. Obtaining information about the advantages and disadvantages of Botox injections is significant.

There has been few cases of patients experiencing a certain level of pain while getting the injections as the information and Botox training is significantly improved year after year. The only undesirable draw back appears to be the feeling of being poked with a needle which is unfortunately what happens with injections.

Since Botox for the purpose of migraines take many weeks to take effect following your injection, it is safer to not inject more than once every three weeks. The pain around the injected area remains for two days. This can be noted as the important disadvantage to the utilization of this neurotoxin.

Almost Remember

You must consult your general practitioner before using Botox!

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