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Being Too Optimistic Problematic For Bipolar People

Numerous studies and researches have revealed the fact that positive thinking is great for the health, as it prevents the development of certain illnesses, and it can lead to a happy life. However, recent studies have also revealed the fact that being too positive can have unwanted side effects on the people who suffer from bipolar disorder.

What is a Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is characterized by rapidly changes of moods, fluctuating from one mood to the other. For example, one will be happy, and two minutes later he will feel intense sadness.

In some of the cases, the person will reach into a manic state, and when they are in that state, they sleep less, they feel energetic, and they have great self-confidence. It might sound great to be full of energy and to feel very confident, but the reality is that in the long run, this could be problematic.

Because of their positive feelings and exaggerated confidence, they might do some things which they will then regret when the phase is over.

Psychologist Dr. June Gruber stated that these people end up regretting the things they did when they were in that state. One of the problems associated with bipolar disorders is the fact that even when the people who suffer from it are in a remission state, they still have higher feelings of happiness and energy than the normal people. Being optimistic is not too bad, but in some of the cases, the situation can worsen very fast.

Gruber observed in his research that people with bipolar disorder had positive thinking even when they saw pictures of sad or gross things. It has been discovered that the ones who suffer from a bipolar disorder have positive feelings about a thing, even if that thing is negative.

They seem to be unable to understand that those things should not create positive feelings. They continue to have positive feelings about negative things, even though they shouldn’t. They continue to do so, even though a loved one tries to explain that what they do is not normal.

Being Happy for Too Long Isn’t Good

Psychologists have stated that being optimistic and happy for a very long period of time, is not desirable. If the feeling persists for a very long period of time, the outcome might be an unwanted one. According to Gruber, each person should experience positive feelings, but not for a very long period of time.

Being sad all the time is unwanted either, because in the long run it could lead to depression, or to other mental illnesses.

Positive thinking is known for the fact that it can improve quality of life. People can overcome bad things from their life with the aid of positive thinking. When people experience the positive emotions for a very long period of time, they might suffer afterwards, as they could be very disappointed by the emotions which follow afterwards.

Since they were very enthusiastic for various reasons, they might consider the fact that they are no longer happy, to be too depressing.

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