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An active life – think outside the box

We all know that exercise keeps you healthy, boosts your mood and helps to keep you in shape. So it makes for worrying news that obesity is on the rise, so why, with all this knowledge of the benefits of an active life, has the motivation to exercise been dwindling?

One reason could be that we seem to work longer hours, have less time to spend with our families and consequently an hour on the running-machine seems less than appealing.

Instead of seeing exercise as a punishment, try changing your attitude towards it. The key is to find something fun that you genuinely look forward to doing.


Team spirit

Do you thrive on competition and believe this to be a quality motivator for you. If you used to enjoy netball at school, investigate if there is a local team you could join. Another exciting and unusual sport is Roller-Derby – once described by dedicated friend of mine as ‘rugby on roller boots!’ players concoct quirky pseudonyms and don funky costumes.

Football is a game loved by many. Think about organising a team within your office. Regular games will keep you fit, and then there’s the social bonus of a trip to the pub following the match to bond with your colleagues.

Tie it into your routine

They say habits, once formed, are hard to break. So use this to your advantage! Build your Wednesday night yoga class into your routine so it becomes second nature.

Or, if time is an issue, how about walking or running part-way home from work? This will cut costs in travel and mean you are making use of the dead time you usually waste when travelling.

girl playing golf

Join the club

Think about sports that boost a sense of camaraderie and include a social aspect. There has been a rise in popularity in the sport of golf amongst young people – it’s no longer all about the tartan. Golf trousers now come in an array of colours thanks to professionals, such as Ian Poulter, championing an update in style and reducing the sport’s reputation of stuffiness.

Take advantage of the great British countryside. Indulge in a long, peaceful walk surrounded by lush greenery. Enjoy getting in touch with nature and give yourself a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. Join a walking club or ramblers association. It’s a great way to meet new people as well as enjoying the beauty of the countryside.

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