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Acupuncture in the Treatment of Allergies

Allergies, although they do not normally come into the category of serious diseases, can be very annoying, and under certain conditions can be life-threatening, as in the case of anaphylactic shock.

Short-term treatment of allergies, with classical drugs is very simple and fast, but these drugs can have unpleasant side effects (e.g. can provoke strong sleepiness, which greatly decreases a person’s ability to work more), but perhaps more importantly – do not settle the case and therefore do not lead to a cure.

Acupuncture comes with a different approach and provides in many cases complete healing with solving several health problems, which together with allergies are effects of the same cause.


The view of allopathic medicine on allergies

Allopathic medicine sees allergies like exaggerated immune responses. The body treats certain common substances (the allergens) as if they were some dreaded microbes and trigger a strong defensive reaction against them. What we see as signs of allergy are signs and symptoms of the body’s immune response, not the stimulus itself.

Unfortunately, what causes the immune system to overreact is still an obscure fact from a scientific standpoint, so there is no treatment to resolve and heal allergies.

Classical medicine treatments are aimed at limiting excessive reactions and the active substances in drugs are antihistamines that ease breathing, reduce itching and inflammation.

Antihistamines in older generations were generating strong sleepiness, which is a common side effect. The newer generation of antihistamines is able to significantly decrease this side effect, but still have not made progress in finding a causal treatment of allergies that leads to their final healing.

The view of acupuncture on allergies

In view of acupuncture, allergies are related to the liver and the liver’s energy which is not working properly and becomes rebellious and starts and invades other organs.

Liver as an energy has several correspondents in acupuncture: spring as season – which explains why allergies are triggered especially this season; emotions like frustration, anger, rage, and it’s affected by them especially if these remain without externalizing.

The Liver and gallbladder are governing vision, planning, organization, initiative, and implementation of decisions and objectives. Thus, in pathology, when the liver is affected, the person systematically feels that they cannot reach targets, feel blocked or obstructed.

Because the body cannot get rid of the pressure inside the natural way (externalizing / emotional resolution) when the pressure inside reaches a critical point it opens another “valve” overflow: the physical. The liver energy begins to invade various structures of the body like a hurricane sweeping everything in his path and may protrude in the form of allergies, eczema, rashes, headaches, high blood pressure, and in severe cases autoimmune diseases.

The acupuncture therapeutic approach regarding allergies is complex because they are the ice-berg’s tip. The therapist first does a full diagnosis and finds the reasons that led to imbalances in the liver. These can be emotional, but can also be the cause of food, lifestyle or other organs’ imbalances indirectly affecting the liver. According to this treatment, the strategy is chosen.

Results and conclusions

The results of the acupuncture treatment are very good, but – as with other diseases treated with acupuncture – results are slower than taking antihistamine pills. On the other hand, once things are settled, they tend not to recur. It is because taking on the causes-lead, first the problems that led to liver imbalance need to be solved.

If it’s emotional problems, acupuncture can significantly help the process, but it is a process of deeper cleaning and lasting longer, and the person will be helped to clean their lives. But the benefits are far beyond solving allergies.

If it is purely physical problems, the process is faster and the patient chooses and solves many other problems. This is because in the vision of acupuncture, things in the body are very closely related, and if an organ does not work, then would bring down other organs after it.

The corollary of this is that when an organ imbalance is solved, you solve other imbalances, and these imbalances are present when the patient gives symptoms which are typically not associated directly with allergies, but functionally they are closely related.

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