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9 Tests required if you want to get pregnant

Today we will talk about 9 Tests required if you want to get pregnant.

Gynecologists believe that it is extremely important to prepare your body for pregnancy. Find out what tests are necessary before getting pregnant!

If you intend to do everything by the book and to take into account the experts’ advice before becoming pregnant, then you already know what type of food you should eat and the importance of sport during this period.

Diet and exercise have an important role in the preparation of pregnancy. A beautiful and healthy body offers a great mental and physical support to the future mommy.

how to get pregnant

Getting pregnant requires some tests

Obviously, the every day diet should be balanced, rich in vitamins, low in carbohydrates and fats, so that it can provide the minerals and nutrients the body needs for the harmonious development of the pregnancy.

Pay attention to your body weight!

Women who are generally well upholstered should know that the process of losing weight will increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Moreover, according to a research, premature births are more common in the case of obese women than in the case of those who are very slim.

The study says that the rate of preeclampsia in obese mothers is 11.7% higher , while in the case of thin women it only reaches 2%. Also, the scientists believe that the risk of preeclampsia increases depending on the weight gained during pregnancy.

Preeclampsia is a serious complication during pregnancy that can lead, in extreme cases, to the death of the mother and/ or of the child.

Is it necessary the use of folic acid before pregnancy?

Generally, this is a controversial subject. However, the doctors have agreed on the importance of folic acid administered during pregnancy.

What is certain about this issue is the fact that the folic acid is at the base of DNA and it plays a crucial role in the harmonious development of the embryo, especially in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

The medical conclusion is that every pregnant woman should have a daily dose of folic acid.

Tests before pregnancy

The physician can establish a set of tests that may vary from one patient to another, depending on genetic factors, family history, etc. Nevertheless, the most important tests are:



Pregnant Women

1. Blood test – It provides information about a possible anemia, thrombocytopenia or any type of infection present in the body.

2. HbsAg, AC anti HCV tests, which are markers of viral infection with hepatitis B and C.

3. The HIV test is a mandatory exam.

4. Glycemia is important as it offers us information about a possible diabetes.

5. Rubella – if the IgG and IgM are at the 0 level, then you can opt for vaccination before pregnancy.

6. Chlamydia – in case of positivity, treatment is required, given the involvement of these infections in spontaneous abortion.

7. Vaginal discharge.

8. Herpes virus II – It is not necessary to be detected. Special attention should be paid only if there are genital herpes lesions at birth, so that measures could be taken through a cesarean birth.

9. Listeria or toxoplasma– in the case of women who own pets. For more information on this disease, please read:

What is Toxoplasmosis – Toxoplasma gondii

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