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9 Rules For Eating Healthy

Today you will learn 9 Rules For Eating Healthy.  These rules are not to hard to follow, but most of the times, our living style (always on the run, at work, etc.) forces us to consume products that cause damages to our body.
The main idea is to avoid, as much as possible, excessive consumption of sugar, salt and fat.

Go instead for more fruits and vegetables and… that’s all, now you feed healthy.

Not quite so simple, but maybe this will help you in your journey.


Read below nine rules for healthy eating!

1. Keep your eating pleasure

Healthy eating does not mean that certain foods should be banned, while others required, but maintain a balance between food types.


2. Eat a variety of foods

The greater variety of food consumed, the more your body will get all the essential nutrients.


3. Eat appropriately to maintain normal weight

Try to eat as much as is sufficient to maintain a normal body weight, being too skinny or way too fat will cause health problems.


4. Eat plenty of cereals

Do not avoid black or wholemeal bread, pasta and rice.
5. Eat fruit and vegetables

These foods are important sources of nutrients and provides antioxidants.


6. Eat foods that contain less fat

Excessive consumption of fats cause cholesterol and increase risk of cardiovasculardisease occurrence.


7. Consume (occasionally) refined sugar confectionery

These foods have a high energy value but a relatively low nutrient content.


8. Drink alcohol in moderation or not at all

While modest amounts of alcohol are not harmful to most people, alcohol can even have beneficial effects in certain circumstances.


9. Exercise

Do at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day.

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