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5 Solutions for Dealing with Asthenia

Do you feel tired, drowsy and you have light faint states with the coming of spring? You can blame asthenia, a common problem during this period. Here are some solutions to revive you and banish this state!

Spring Asthenia or Spring Fatigue is characterized by a general weakness of the body, accompanied by slight feeling of fainting, dizziness. Explanation: in winter our body adapts to a particular lifestyle – the cold teach it to conserve energy, it feels the need for more substantial food, but not always found in vitamins and minerals they need, so it tries to use its own resources, which deplete just about at the beginning of spring, says the clinic psychotherapist Lena Rusti from Mentarex Clinic.

Symptoms that precede asthenia / fatigue

* a state of fatigue which is different from daily fatigue
* an almost continuous weakness
* lipotimie (faint feeling)
* movements seem to require extra effort
* intellectual effort is more exhausting than naturally.
* mild dizziness
* uncertainty in certain movements
* a state of inner trembling
* a fussiness

Warning! Because these events may occur related symptoms, such as: worthless feeling, depression, especially if initial symptoms are misinterpreted, warns psychotherapist.

Solutions to combat asthenia / fatigue

1. More exercise outdoors

Exercise performed in the park, jogging, walking or any activity that puts your blood moving fights spring asthenia.

2. Be careful what you eat

Since your body is depleted of vitamins and minerals after a long winter, provide it sufficient  nutrients. Limit consumption of fatty foods, fried foods, processed products, sweets and insert into your daily regime as many vegetables you can, herbs, root vegetables and fruits. Raw foods are essential to power the body, so make sure you are bringing in as many raw vegetables every day. But do not forget the healthy fats and complex carbohydrates that are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

3. Sleep at least 7 hours per night

Respect the program for sleep, try as you might put yourself to sleep at the same time and do not cut the hours of sleep. The body needs to rest and recover your energy that you need to provide during the day.

4. Do not forget to be happy!

From little things, the places that wake up happy memories, the hopes that you want to go to completion.

5. Drink green tea or a green smoothie in the morning

Green tea refreshes and helps you to start the day in force. Also, please note that the body needs the enzymes in raw food, because they regulate all body functions. Mix spinach leaves with a mango or an apple, a banana, 1/2 lemon, one small cucumber, 2 celery sticks and water (depending on desired consistency) and consume this drink in the morning or anytime you feel lack of energy.

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