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5 Reasons Women Have IVF Treatment

For any would-be parent, being told that you may be infertile can be a devastating blow. Infertility can happen to anyone, at any time, for a variety of reasons. Luckily there is help on hand for people who are struggling with infertility problems.

IVF Fertility Treatment

IVF is a tried and tested treatment for infertility that has often proved to be the last resort for many, and with a consistent success rate of approximately 35% it can often prove to be a disappointment. However when one considers that the chance of a woman conceiving naturally, when she is intentionally trying and not using any protection, is only 20 to 30% each month, the success rate of IVF is actually higher than the norm.

IVF Tests

IVF Treatment

When IVF Becomes an Option

There are many reasons for why people choose to undergo IVF. Five of these reasons are outlined below:

  • Age – A woman’s fertility falls drastically after the age of 35, and many IVF clinics now specialise in providing fertility treatments to older women of 35 and upwards. Fertility treatment is usually offered to women after 6 months of trying if they are over 35, as opposed to the usual year.
  • Partner – Sometimes a woman’s fertility is not the problem. If your partner has sperm with low or no mobility, or has a low sperm count, this can drastically affect your chances of conceiving.
  • Health problems – A woman’s health plays a huge role in determining whether or not she is able to conceive. Sometimes the problems are evident, but sometimes there is no way of telling until you undergo testing. Endometriosis, for example, will prevent a woman from conceiving without medical intervention.
  • Lifestyle – For gay or trans couples, fertility may not be an issue. However to conceive a child naturally, one partner may wish to donate sperm in order to go through IVF with a surrogate. Women who offer to go through this process may agree to undergo multiple treatments on behalf of both partners, in order to have children who are related to each other.
  • Unexplained infertility – Sometimes there just isn’t an answer for why a couple is unable to conceive naturally. In this case, fertility clinics will be on hand to talk to you about your options, and many times IVF will be suggested as part of the natural progression towards parenthood.

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