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5 daily habits that cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Have you ever imagined being old or even having Alzheimer’s Disease? True, some find it a very very distant age, others do not even hope to get there. But what would you do if some habits in your life that you consider normal now, will make you old before your time?

Would you stop these habits? Recent studies show that Alzheimer’s disease, considered more a “granny” disease, began to settle increasingly earlier.

5 daily habits that cause Alzheimer’s Disease

learn the causes for Alzheimer's Disease

cause for Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s cause

If your plan is to keep your mental capacities in great shape after the age of 40 then you should make a few chances regarding your daily habits.

1. Alzheimer’s cause – Unhealthy diet

There’s no secret that eating balanced and healthy is the path to a long and disease free life. Laboratory studies conducted by researchers at the University of South Carolina found that mice who had been given a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol had huge problems getting through the mazes compared with the “colleagues” that had been given healthy food.

2. Alzheimer’s cause – Cigarettes

Smokers show a doubled risk of developing Alzheimer’s than people who don’t have this bad habit. Also, at smokers, the verbal memory decreases rapidly starting with the age of 43. According to recent studies, nicotine is beneficial to short-term memory and reaction speed, but still, in the long run its effect is devastating.

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3. Alzheimer’s cause – Lost nights

Are you a night owl? That’s great and I appreciate your passion for your work but you should not have to give up hours of sleep to satisfy your pleasures. For example, a person deprived of sleep for 24 hours has serious problems with visual memory. The quality of sleep is also important, not only its duration.

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4. Alzheimer’s cause – Sedentariness

Exercise not only trains the muscles, but also your memory, because, by motion, you are broadening the hippocampus, the area where memories are formed at old age people. Recent studies show that it is never too late to give up sedentary and have an active life. Results will soon start to show up.

5. Alzheimer’s cause – Alcohol

Alcohol abuse makes a person with normal memory into one that won’t have any brain in the end. Even glasses with friends affect your memory.

Studies were conducted in 2004 by a group of volunteers, that were tested the next morning after a hangout with friends and then periodically for several weeks. It was shown that while alcohol reduced quickly from their blood, the results of memory tests were still low.

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Try and change your daily habits in order to reduce the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s Disease!

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