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30 Spectacular Things about the Human Body

Today we are going to present 30 Spectacular Things about the Human Body!

The human body has been the subject of various studies since ancient times and it hasn’t stopped to amaze the scientists, being the most perfect machinery ever built.

Find out 30 spectacular things about you and your body:

about the human body

Human body system

1. When a person dies, hearing is the last sense perceived. Sight is the first which disappears.
2. The cells which create the human brain can absorb up to five times more information then all the Encyclopedia Britannica.
3. The human body releases sufficient energy as to heat a liter of water in 30 minutes.
4. The biggest cell in the human body is the egg cell and the smallest is the sperm.
5. Our body uses 300 muscles to maintain the body in a stable and straight position.
6. The human body has enough potassium to cause the explosion of a toy cannon, enough sugar to fill a jar, sufficient fat to create seven pieces of soap, enough iron to make a nail and the right quantity of sulfur necessary for disinfesting a dog.
7. The brain continues to send signals in the form of electrical pulses for about 37 hours after the death of a person.
8. If the amount in the human body is reduced by 1% a person will feel thirsty and if it is reduced by 10 %, that person will die.
9. If all the 600 muscles of the human body would strain at the same time and in the same direction, a man could lift a weight of 25 tonnes.
10. During a lifetime, a person spends six years dreaming.
11. From a physical point of view, a woman can give birth to thirty-five children throughout her life.
12. The teeth are almost as strong as stones.
13. The average life of an intestinal cell is of 12 hours. A cell from the stomach wall lives two days and a cell of the skin is known to exist for 4 weeks. A nerve cell can live up to 60 years.
14. The headache is not a good excuse for not having sex, as the endorphins released during sex have analgesic effect.
15. The fetus dreams almost all the time. Those who are born prematurely will have many dreams when they become more mature.
16. Women who read romantic novels make love twice as often than those who do not like this type of literature.
17. The femur is stronger than concrete.
18. The weight of the human body is 50 times greater than that of the brain.
19. The human body contains sufficient phosphorus as to create 250 matches.
20. In the human body there are more than 12 kms of blood vessels.
21. During a normal orgasm, the body burns 112 calories, while a faked orgasm helps us burn 315 calories.
22. Human height varies during the day. In the morning we are one cm taller than in the evening.
23. The heart beats approximately 2, 700, 000, 000 times throughout life.
24. The heart of the women beats faster than the one of the man.
25. The heart continues to beat after being removed from the body. Even if it is cut in pieces, its muscles will continue their activity.
26. The average penis length is three times longer than the thumb.
27. On our feet there are more than a billion of bacteria.
28. The muscle of the eye is the fastest in the body. It contracts in less than a hundredth of a second.
29. It takes about 200, 000 frowns for the appearance of the wrinkles above the eyebrows.
30. One person in two billion will live 116 years or more.

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